Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Something in the Way She Moves

I kind of love this picture. I'm so talented at moving while the timed shutter is going off.

As you can see, I had to bring the pictures inside for this outfit. It was rainy and cloudy, and even if I wanted to do fun umbrella shots, I don't have any means of protecting my camera as it sits all lonesome-like on the tripod whilst the sky spits upon it. I was glad to try out indoor locations anyway, since another nasty Illinois winter will be here before we know it. And I just canNOT bring myself to brave the elements for outfit shots even in the name of good lighting. While I don't have a cozy fireplace backdrop anymore, I do think I have better lighting in the new place, thanks in part to cool-white florescent light bulbs and an overhead entry light. (Please forgive the crooked shots though - I have some adjustments to make.) I might play around with other locations inside our now tiny living room, but at least I have some options!

Silk Blooms Eternal Top - Anthropologie / Reversible Seamless Tank ( in Sapphire) - Anthropologie /
Pants - New York & Co.

This top was yet another sale find at Anthropologie. I just love stalking the online sale section, especially since new markdowns happen every Tuesday. (That's an insider's tip thanks to Effortless Anthropologie.) As we all probably do, I definitely consider more items when they are on sale than I would otherwise - items I wouldn't even give a first look when full price. And hey, free shipping sure helps too! It's a very blousy top with no waist definition (and I had to size down as a result), but I really like the pattern and can see lots of layering options for future wearings. I'm a fan of the mandarin collar, too. Though I've done a pretty basic styling here with beige pants and a blue tank (SOME kind of cami underneath is a must), I'd love to wear it with an olive jacket and jeans or tucked in with a navy pinstripe pencil skirt.

Skinny belt - The Limited

I think I could go without a belt for certain outfits - maybe with skinny jeans and heels - but I felt I needed one for this occasion, going with a textured skinny belt in a neutral but not matching color. To further take the outfit out of its simple color palette, I chose these fabulous fuchsia peep-toes (with an orange platform to boot!) for a needed pop of color. The cloudy day required it, too. =)

Fuchsia peep-toes - "Chaney" by Nine West


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