Sunday, December 5, 2010


Shocking - I'm behind again! Tis the season, right? (I hope?) As always, I'll blame work - though, ironically work is the reason I dress half as well as I do. I'm not behind on pictures, though! Boyfriend has been working with me to diligently take pictures every day, which means I do have lots to blog about. So, I thought I'd post this real-time entry tonight, then tomorrow - since I'm off (and after working all weekend you better believe I'm taking off), I plan to play some bloggerific catch-up.

I love this outfit. I love how I feel in it. If you've been following this outfit diary of mine at all, you know my penchant for pencil skirts. I'll take any opportunity I can get to turn myself into a 40s bombshell. =) 

Top - Anthropologie / Blue pinstripe pencil skirt - Simply Be / Faux suede pumps - Payless

The top is actually the first item I've ever purchased from Anthropologie. A sale item, I found it in a size too small, but it was insta-clothing-love. This top has everything I look for in an article of clothing (hm, have I said that before?) - architectural but feminine detail, good color palette, interesting but simple print. Special. As my first Anthropologie purchase, too, it made me fall deeply in love with the store, and I've been mildly obsessed ever since.

This was in March, by the way - and today was actually my first wearing of the top. Why wait so long for its debut, you ask? Well, I really wanted to wear it with a pinstripe blue pencil skirt - and they are actually pretty hard to find! Thank you, Simply Be, for having one not only in my size and desired color, but having one that hits below my knees! Seriously, why is a pencil skirt of that length so hard to find!?!?  I honestly believe it's not only the most flattering length for my body, but that it tends to look fabulous on most women. When properly fitted, there's just something about the silhouette that highlights every inch of a woman's curves in the most wonderful way.

The occasion? A HUGE day of nonstop holiday festivities at work. Indeed, I'd been dying for the right time to debut this outfit, and I felt this was, but now that I have (and that I'm rockin' it so), I feel badly that I didn't wait to debut it for New Years. New Years also also happens to be our anniversary... Who knows, I may still wear it then, but the blog might not get to take part in the festivities. =) And, of course, the thrill of getting to wear it for the first time will have also worn off. (Er, hence my clothing addiction, eh...?)

Handbag - Tano "Minilisa" in Blue Marine

But, oh, this outfit also marks the homestretch for the holiday season in the performing arts. What a busy, busy weekend, but it was festive and exciting and joyful, and it's only downhill (on a sled) from here.


  1. This outfit is perfection on you. The color is so flattering. The skirt is a perfect fit. You can tell that you are smitten with this outfit because you glow in it.

  2. So cute, as always!
    Also, you have an angel on your shoulder. :)

  3. This is lovely! I love the print mixing with the pinstripes and the feathers :)

  4. So gorgeous! I wouldn't have thought of putting a pinstripe skirt with this top, but the effect is just amazing! The neckline on the top is so beautiful too!


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