Friday, September 27, 2013

Pencil Pusher

Hello, old (and new) friends!

Lately, blogging has become one of those things I don't seem to miss until I do it. And so, here I sit on a gorgeous September afternoon, blogging, drinking iced coffee, and realizing how much personal satisfaction I really do get from this process. I think, like so many things in my life lately, it's just all about routines. And with so many changes this year, a new routine has been challenging to find - and that includes blogging.

But when a joyful pink pencil skirt comes around, and it just so happens to be a fall trend (says the interwebs, and now me!), it makes me want to get my groove back. You already know my devotion for pencil skirts, but I'm convinced Kiyonna makes the very best. This one, the Curvy Pencil Skirt, is ponte knit like so many of my faves already in my closet, but Kiyonna always makes them a bit longer than the rest, and therefore just the right length for me - right past my knee caps. They always fit so well that I feel like I've lost 10 pounds just putting one on. Why I haven't purchased every single pencil skirt they've sold is beyond me, but perhaps that should be my goal. I mean, sure, I have, errrrr, about 5 black pencil skirts already, but I can guarantee one by Kiyonna would be my last.

Curvy Pencil Skirt in Pretty in Pink - c/o Kiyonna / Safari jacket - Lane Bryant (sold out!) /
Eyeglasses Sweater - Lane Bryant / Sandals - Nine West / Handbag - DKNY via TJ Maxx

As for the outfit, this particular combination was an accident, really. I was trying on new arrivals at Lane Bryant a few weeks ago, particularly this outfit, and I put these pieces together on a whim. The jacket was definitely coming home with me, but the quirky sweater (a la Zooey Deschanel methinks) was more or less filler while I ventured out of the fitting room to find a few other pieces. Well, when one of the sales associates exclaimed how cute my outfit was, I started rethinking my decision. Between having this fabulous pink pencil skirt gifted to me by Kiyonna at home, and the fact that the sweater for the original outfit I wanted was completely sold out in store and online anyway, this new outfit was meant to be.

I've been dying to wear this outfit for weeks now, actually, but it just hasn't been cool enough! It's a great transitional outfit, and an army green jacket is already a fall staple in my closet. A quick search on Pinterest for additional styling inspiration for my pink skirt (and where I learned pink/fuchsia was going to be trend for fall) yielded some pretty fantastic options, pink and camel or animal print among them. I love the way the combination gives it a new twist on fall basics, and I've already got pieces in my closet practically jumping out at me in anticipation. So many outfits, so little time!

Ring - Ruche / Earrings - Lane Bryant

So, happy fall, everyone! I've already got another post planned for next week, so you can be sure you'll be seeing more of me!