Hello! I'm Jessica - part shopoholic, part PhD candidate, and part working girl.

Surely Sonsy is a blog about this curvy girl’s sense of style helping her make sense of herself. With a fierce love of clothing and a commitment to dressing my plus-sized body well, I started this blog a way to subconsciously confront, and hopefully someday squelch, those pesky self-esteem and body image issues of mine (and that many of us probably share). I've come to enjoy blogging as a way not only to document my daily outfits and grow in confidence, but also to connect with an amazing group of individuals who know the value of having a personal style, at any age or for any shape or lifestyle.

My style, which might be summed up as "classic with a twist," is punctuated by a love of fitted silhouettes (especially pencil skirts), clean lines and clear proportions, structure and texture, simple but distinctive patterns, and just a touch of daring. I always appreciate a good statement piece - whether it be a top, necklace, ring or fabulous shoes - but I've come to really love my curves as the best statement piece of all.

Check out some of my favorite outfits here, and be sure to visit often!

If you ever have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to email me!


  1. Jessica, you are one of the hottest gals on the internet! :)

  2. Thank you for sharing your sense of style. Gives me hope and inspiration that I can look good--regardless of what size I put on.

  3. I love your style! Gorgeous!

  4. I loved all yours outfits. You look so profesional and cute!
    Best regards from mexico.

  5. I am taking pics of your hair to my salon next time and asking for a replica. Love it!!!

  6. ....But, with hair that short, could you explain how you pin it up? Mom on the go, here, and most days I just need a ponytail!! Thanks!

    1. just a lot of mini clips, hairpray and few barrettes! i section my hair into 5-6 sections, pulling each section back then twisting the hair and pinning it with the mini clip. i'll use barrette's at the sides and nape, then hairpray all over! i've been meaning to do a video tutorial of this someday, so stay tuned!

  7. fabulous! love your style! I found you through pinterest (searching for flats with white pants??) and am feeling very fortunate to have found your page! Great ideas for girls who struggle to find something fun for work/ing their curves, and trying to update their weekend wear from undergrad frump ;)


  8. It's not often that you find such beauty and a highly developed sense of style in one exquisite package. Jessica is the true definition of what curvy is all about. She is an absolute dream. She is such a spectacular and beautiful young woman who also exudes unmistakable femininity, grace, sensuality, and class. She is the prototypical curvy woman. Jessica is absolute perfection.



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