Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Giveaway Time!

Well, I've hit another blogger milestone with my 200th follower! I know that many of you follow this little blog o' mine in other ways, but I thought it was a pretty good excuse to have a giveaway, no? =)

My fabulous cohort in fashion - wait, "crime" doesn't work here, does it? Er, well, the fabulous plus size clothing designer Kiyonna Clothing is graciously sponsoring this giveaway with a $50 gift card to their store! From easy, flattering separates to stop-in-your-tracks cocktail dresses, they have loads to choose from. They start at size 10 and go to 32! My faves? The Melrose Mesh Top (as worn above - just be sure to go up a size!!) and the Betsey Ruched Dress (my post here - the Cosmo Cocktail Dress featured above is sadly no longer available). Or their pencil skirts. If you need more pencil skirts in your life (if living vicariously through this blog isn't enough), start with Kiyonna!

So get to it and enter below! Two mandatory entries + four optional additional entries = six whopping chances to win! The giveaway will be open for one whole week. Good luck!! It's my way of saying THANKS for reading, for commenting, and for just being here! This wonderful little community has definitely become one of the reasons I get dressed everyday. =)

Celebrate my milestone!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Summer White

I got a lot of "You look so summery!" with this outfit at work. Seeing as it was a 90° day, i.e. summer weather fo sho, I figured it was time to break out the white pencil skirt, bright colors, and some barer arms than usual.

Color Fusion Curvy Plus Top - Ruche / Pencil skirt - Macy's (Charter Club)

The top is another random find from Ruche, with a waist tie similar to the last equally fantastic top I found there. This tie sits a little higher on the waist, however, so it didn't play as nicely with the skirt. Rather than keeping it in its own loops, I removed the tie completely and used it as a little "belt" on the skirt itself. I like the extra shot of bright blue it gives the skirt as it helps keep proportions in check. I have plans to wear the top untucked with white pedal pushers - which I think will be my go-to "short" length this summer - for casual wear.

Handbag - Gustto / Shoes - Payless

I just don't love my shoes, which are decidedly un-summery. I mean, (faux-)suede and closed toe? Yikes. I was at a loss for the right sandal or peep toe in my closet, believe it or not, so these came out as the best option. Naturally, this spurred an immediate hunt for a great blue sandal. Whaddya think: dressy fabulousness or casual fun?

Ring - Ruche / Earrings - LOFT

But friends, I am now on vacation! I have all of next week off, and today is an extra bonus. It's so delightful to wake up to nothing to do and nowhere to go! After a rather hellish end-of-season, I'm so glad to be on the other side of it all with a quiet, relaxing summer. The best part of this summer has got to be that I'm not moving (Glory Be!), and we live a mere 4 blocks from all our favorite downtown bars with outdoor seating. Bring on the summer cocktails, my dears! Starting last night, of course...

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

To the Max

You may remember a certain fabulous dotted wrap dress, which was a surprising fitting-room winner over a similarly dotted maxi dress I really wanted but whose fit was off. Well, fate would have it that, on a recent return trip to Gap, a size smaller was available in said maxi AND it was on sale. And it turns out that all I needed to solve said fit issues was a smaller size... Who knew!?

Maxi dress - Gap / Blue cami - LOFT / Instant Sleeves in Dove - LucieLu / Wedges - LOFT

I have to work up the courage to wear it with bare arms, it seems. Cue instant sleeves! I really wish they'd come in a blue, ivory or white, though. Then I could, like, wear them with anything. I guess light grey will do. Maybe a denim jacket for next time. Or a cute little scoop neck tee in some color?

Ah, the best part of a maxi dress - the twirling!

But hey, guys, I've reached 200 followers! Yippee! I'm planning to host a giveaway in the next week or so to celebrate, so stay tuned! And thanks to all my readers, old and new, and however you "follow" this sonsy blog o' mine. This little corner of the interwebs has become a cherished placed to share ideas, obsessions, mistakes, successes - myself. So, thanks. =)

Ring - Ruche (gifted) / Earrings - Ruche / Necklace - Banana Republic /
Nailpolish - Tart Deco (Essie)

Monday, May 21, 2012

White Light

See? I've worn this almost-returned top again already. Thank goodness for its wonderfully concealing butterfly sleeves - they're like fashion band-aids for the midsection and arms. And as we launch headlong into summer-weight dressing, I'm thankful for a little more coverage that doesn't make me sweat bullets.

Top - eloquii / Skinnies - Lane Bryant / Sandals - Payless

I'm trying out a new pair of skinnies, too. My only pair to date has been the Gap Always Skinny style, and they've served me well, but I've never enjoyed how low-rise they are. My midsection does not need that much attention! So I've been on the look out for a higher-rise pair, especially from plus size retailers that don't think a higher rise is such a horrible thing. Cue recent promotion at Lane Bryant and their Power Stretch Skinny Jean. They're a little shorter in length than the Gap pair, but I don't have any quibbles about that since I prefer them to sit at my ankles anyway. The rise is indeed comfortably higher (yay!!), and the "power stretch" claim is also true - they have a bit more give that better complements this girl's curves. They are a little flimsier than the Gap pair - somewhere between a jegging and regular denim - so I wonder how well they'll hold up, but for 50% off, I don't really mind.

Ah, but we really are into summer dressing, whether I like it or not. (Oh, hello there, 90 degrees!) I have a hard time getting dressed in the summer, as has been a topic before on this blog. In fact, it was probably one of the major factors contributing to how little I posted last summer! But I've gotten into a nice grove this year, and blogging - however basic at times - does help keep my body-image issues in check, especially while I fight this current battle of the bulge. Nevertheless, I've been thinking of cutting back my posts to three times a week rather than five, just so I can try to keep things fresh for both myself and you, my dear readers. And maybe finally get around to doing that oft-requested video tutorial about my updo, eh?  =)

Handbag - Banana Republic / Belt - Talbots / Ring - Ruche / Earrings - Lane Bryant

Friday, May 18, 2012

Slice of Cantaloupe

Another iteration of my "casual" uniform of ponte pencil skirt and striped top. The top is new, and the same style of the black top in yesterday's post. I couldn't resist perky orange stripes, especially with a name like "cantaloupe." I mean, could you?

Striped top - Lauren by Ralph Lauren (Macy's) / Pencil skirt - Lane Bryant /
Belt - Talbots / Handbag - Tano / Sandals - Bandolino

Short and sweet, cuz I'm off to find me some cantaloupe now.

Ring - Ruche / Necklace - Banana Republic (eBayed) / Earrings - Ruche

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Floral Frenzy

This.skirt. It's easily become one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe right now. I wasn't so sure about it when I first laid mine eyes upon it. A floral midi skirt can read as potentially geriatric, but, I mean, the ASOS model was WERQing the shiz out of it, so it couldn't be all bad. It sat in my saved items list for a few weeks before I decided to give it a go. I'm so, so glad I did.

Floral pencil skirt - ASOS CURVE / Boatneck top - Lauren by Ralph Lauren (Macy's) /
Ring - Ruche / Earrings - LOFT / Belt - Lane Bryant / Nailpolish - Sag Harbor (Essie)

The placement and different sizes of the shades of blue flowers punched up by perfect pops of orange and bright pink are what keep this skirt youthful. And I experimented with different colored tops, but I kept coming back to black because it really did look the most sleek and modern. That isn't to say I won't try other colors, but for its big debut, this was how it was meant to be worn.

Sandals - Nine West / Handbag - Gustto

Of course, the very slim pencil skirt silhouette makes it as sexy as can be - no grandmas need apply here. I may get it hemmed an inch or two, though; I like where it hits on the model (who is of course much taller than I) much better - the sweet spot just below the knee. At its current length, heels of significant height - or at least a comfy, wrapped wedge better suited to the 12-hour day on my feet - are a requirement lest my legs be resigned to sad stumps.

And the belt. Primarily worn for radio clippage, but also to cleverly extend the line of my torso with additional black since I had to hike up the skirt a bit. I had to do this with my first ASOS midi skirt, too, and with the same belt! (Okay, I clearly need to get these skirts hemmed...)

It was, in short (in midi?), a perfect outfit for the final day of commencement frenzy - able to go the distance in both form and function. But who are we kidding? It was all about the form anyway...

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I hope you don't mind that I took a few days off there. Commencement weekend left me exhausted in mind, body and soul. I've taken off a few days from work too, so being unplugged from the world for a few days has been a nice reprieve.

But believe it or not, I managed to take pictures of two of my outfits from the weekend! Friday night was easy since I had the afternoon to do so; Saturday - out of the house by 6:15am and not back until 11pm - was impossible (I just re-wore this comfortably cute outfit anyway); and Sunday will be shared tomorrow!

Ponte dress - Dorothy Perkins / Instant Sleeves - LucieLu
Sandals - Nine West (via Endless) 

The outfits I wore needed to be comfortable, breathable, beltable (so I had something to clip my radio onto), and something I could just feel good in, ya know? I thought this ponte dress was a good candidate for all of that. I tried a few different accessories from the first wearing of the dress, and I added my LucieLu Instant Sleeves in Mocha to add a second color and a little more arm coverage.

Handbag - Banana Republic / Belt - Lane Bryant

I'm doing a lot with brown and greens, though, aren't I? And, like, all different tones of them. I think it mostly works, but I confess all I really care about is that I got to wear this necklace again. And the shoes... Yes, believe it or not, I really was able to run around for about 4 hours in the them! How's that for shoe mileage?

Ring - Ruche / Necklace - Anthropologie / Earrings - Banana Republic

Friday, May 11, 2012

Think Pink

I can't decide if this pencil skirt is too big or if it's just right. When I had the size smaller, I felt it fit too closely 'round my (round) belly, but it seemed to sit nicely on my waist and hips. This one, a size up, lays nicely over the belly (even if it wrikles constantly), but it sits a littler lower on waist than I would like. (Oh, what's that? Get it tailored? Oh sure, I'll get right on it...) I have to say, though, that it feels pretty great when I wear it, so that might answer my question.

Boatneck top - Gap / Pencil skirt - Macy's / Belt - Dorothy Perkins

The color palette for this outfit was reworked from this one. I simply love this boat neck top - so soft, comfy and feminine...a pretty pink I want to wear all the time. Since I wear pencil skirts all the time, I thought this outfit was a good solution.

The blue belt replaced the blue of the denim; the light tan skirt replaced the jacket; the pink top, of course, got to stay and even gets to show off a little more. My delightfully green alligator-print handbag brought a bit more color to the mix. I love this bag.

Handbag - Banana Republic / Peep-toes - Banana Republic

Alright, dears. I now sign off for my weekend of graduation frenzy. See you on the other side!

Ring - Ruche / Necklace - LOFT / Earrings - The Limited

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bright Side

As I inch closer to the craziest two working days of the year (a.k.a. commencement weekend), I attempt to keep my shiz together. This may or may not involve multiple happy hours with friends, lots of delectable coffee from Zingerman's, and trying to keep my apartment clean. (State of apartment = state of sanity.) Oh, and preparing for it. I hear that works.

Ah, but what to wear, what to wear. Two 16-hour days require easy attire. Comfortable, fun, confidence-boosting, something with a belt that I can clip my radio onto... Practical yet stylish. Something tells me I won't manage to take pictures at either 6am or 11pm, however, so I might I'll have to keep you guessing. Or maybe I'll just, you know, re-wear something. (Genius!)

Top - LOFT / Pencil skirt - Charter Club (Macy's) / Sandals - Bandolino (via Endless) /
Handbag -  DKNY (via TJMaxx)

But as I edge ever-closer, I still have to get dressed this week, yes? Oh sure, I'll wear my coral skirt again. And I'll wear the grey version of my lacey layered top with it. Two rights make a right.

Ring - The Limited / Necklace - Banana Republic (eBayed) / Earrings - LOFT /
Nailpolish - Cartwheels on the Catwalk (Sephora by O.P.I.)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

White Out

So maybe this better qualifies as casual? It's all about the material (in this case washed denim), I guess. And an easy, breasy, beachy, white top.

Crochet butterfly top - eloquii / Pencil skirt - Lane Bryant / Sandals - Nine West /
Necklace - Urban Outfitters / Earrings - Kohl's

I'm actually at a loss for cute white tops in my wardrobe. I think I have just the one, and I'd like to do better. So I was determined to unearth said cute options across the Internets, and I came upon this butterfly top from Eloquii on clearance. Once it arrived, I decided that all that material wasn't doing it for me, though. I thought I'd only end up wearing it with jeans, and what fun is that? So back into the box it went, and on top of my kitchen table it waited to be returned. And waited... I never managed to send it back before the return window passed. But what the heck, for less than $20, I could find some way to work this bad boy up. It's really nothing a little animal print belt can't fix...

Handbag - Coach (gifted) / Ring - Ruche / Belt - Gap

Of course, now that I've actually worn it, I've started envisioning all sorts of ways to wear it. Bottom line, it'll be a summer staple.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Laced Layers

Look familiar? This outfit is, more or less, a reinvention of this one, made even better by an extra dash of green with the sandals. In fact, I had wanted to wear these green sandals with the first outfit, but I thought black peep toes made for a slightly dressier ensemble. I actually consider this outfit as the casual version of the first, but leave it to me to consider a ponte pencil skirt casual. Well, in my closet, it really is...

Okay, okay, there really isn't very much that's casual about this outfit, especially given the fact that a few people thought the outfit was a dress. Is it possible to even try to be casual with this necklace? Or with the sandals? Or with, you know, a skirt?

Top - LOFT / Pencil skirt - Lane Bryant / Sandals - Nine West (via Endless)

It was the backdrop of beige and blacks that dumped another idea for this fabulous necklace in my lap, though. I continue to experiment with textures and layers with this necklace, and the more there are, the more I seem to love the result.

Ring - Ruche / Necklace - Modcloth (gifted) / Earrings - Ruche
Handbag - DKNY (via TJMaxx)

Friday, May 4, 2012

Say What?

I wasn't even sure I was going to be able to have a post for you today because, to our horror, we were visited by a garter snake IN OUR APARTMENT last night. There it was, slithering across the carpet while Bob and I watched TV. (The image is now forever burned into my mind.) Ever resourceful (but after too long a pause as we were momentarily paralyzed by shock and fear), Bob grabbed the nearest empty shoe box and went on the hunt. Apparently my uncontrollable shrieks at any power cord or belt in the apartment was not helping the search, though, so he made me leave the apartment while tried to catch it. (I mean, how would YOU respond??) After thirty minutes of trying to cajole it out of a corner ("Snakes are sneaky," said Bob), he did successfully capture the snake and released it outside somewhere down the block. We hope it's just an isolated occurrence, but you better believe we've got our landlord on the task of making sure this never happens again. I'm pretty sure the only reason I was able to write this post last night was because I couldn't fall asleep anyway...

Majestic Glow Curvy Plus Top - Ruche / Pencil skirt - eloquii /
Sandals - Nine West (via Endless)

How on earth does one segue from that into talking about clothes?

Thankfully, these are pretty clothes. I just love this top. My daily stalking of Ruche's new arrivals paid off with this one. I adore the colorful painterly floral print, with square neckline and dainty little waist tie. Seriously, a no brainer - perfect for summer. I love it with a pencil skirt, naturally - and I've even kept the tie for a pretty blue accent at the waist - but I'll also happily pair this with white crops or denim skinnies, too.

Clutch - eloquii

I can't get over how perfectly this necklace matches the top, either. Or my new green sandals (which have clearly given my coral ones a much-needed break). How often does that happen with such vibrant colors?? Usually one might have to settle for neutrals, but not this time! Nope, no settling here.

Ring - Ruche / Earrings - Ruche / Necklace - Anthropologie

(And not even the heebie-jeebies have settled down yet...)