Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bright Side

As I inch closer to the craziest two working days of the year (a.k.a. commencement weekend), I attempt to keep my shiz together. This may or may not involve multiple happy hours with friends, lots of delectable coffee from Zingerman's, and trying to keep my apartment clean. (State of apartment = state of sanity.) Oh, and preparing for it. I hear that works.

Ah, but what to wear, what to wear. Two 16-hour days require easy attire. Comfortable, fun, confidence-boosting, something with a belt that I can clip my radio onto... Practical yet stylish. Something tells me I won't manage to take pictures at either 6am or 11pm, however, so I might I'll have to keep you guessing. Or maybe I'll just, you know, re-wear something. (Genius!)

Top - LOFT / Pencil skirt - Charter Club (Macy's) / Sandals - Bandolino (via Endless) /
Handbag -  DKNY (via TJMaxx)

But as I edge ever-closer, I still have to get dressed this week, yes? Oh sure, I'll wear my coral skirt again. And I'll wear the grey version of my lacey layered top with it. Two rights make a right.

Ring - The Limited / Necklace - Banana Republic (eBayed) / Earrings - LOFT /
Nailpolish - Cartwheels on the Catwalk (Sephora by O.P.I.)


  1. I'm excited to see what you end up wearing... you always look pristine, it will be fun to see what you consider "totally comfortable". Good luck getting everything ready! The madness will end soon!

  2. Simply love your style, but I have to do you store all your jewelry? I have quite the collection but can't keep it organized and if I can't see it, in forget I have it and either end up not wearing it or buying multiples that are similar. Ideas??

  3. ooh, good question - and it sounds like a great future blog post! until then, i'll tell you that i use a combination of necklace holders, chests and - here's the real magic - cork boards that I hang longer necklaces on. here's a picture, actually! i have tons of jewelry for sure, and even with these organization methods, I still end up with messes more often than not!! but that's more the fault of my laziness...


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