Friday, May 4, 2012

Say What?

I wasn't even sure I was going to be able to have a post for you today because, to our horror, we were visited by a garter snake IN OUR APARTMENT last night. There it was, slithering across the carpet while Bob and I watched TV. (The image is now forever burned into my mind.) Ever resourceful (but after too long a pause as we were momentarily paralyzed by shock and fear), Bob grabbed the nearest empty shoe box and went on the hunt. Apparently my uncontrollable shrieks at any power cord or belt in the apartment was not helping the search, though, so he made me leave the apartment while tried to catch it. (I mean, how would YOU respond??) After thirty minutes of trying to cajole it out of a corner ("Snakes are sneaky," said Bob), he did successfully capture the snake and released it outside somewhere down the block. We hope it's just an isolated occurrence, but you better believe we've got our landlord on the task of making sure this never happens again. I'm pretty sure the only reason I was able to write this post last night was because I couldn't fall asleep anyway...

Majestic Glow Curvy Plus Top - Ruche / Pencil skirt - eloquii /
Sandals - Nine West (via Endless)

How on earth does one segue from that into talking about clothes?

Thankfully, these are pretty clothes. I just love this top. My daily stalking of Ruche's new arrivals paid off with this one. I adore the colorful painterly floral print, with square neckline and dainty little waist tie. Seriously, a no brainer - perfect for summer. I love it with a pencil skirt, naturally - and I've even kept the tie for a pretty blue accent at the waist - but I'll also happily pair this with white crops or denim skinnies, too.

Clutch - eloquii

I can't get over how perfectly this necklace matches the top, either. Or my new green sandals (which have clearly given my coral ones a much-needed break). How often does that happen with such vibrant colors?? Usually one might have to settle for neutrals, but not this time! Nope, no settling here.

Ring - Ruche / Earrings - Ruche / Necklace - Anthropologie

(And not even the heebie-jeebies have settled down yet...)


  1. I would have freaked out! I am terrified of smakes!!! Love the outfit and shoes and your hair looks great too!!

  2. Found you today via Bright Side Dweller.  Love your style!  That Ruche top is gorgeous -- I may need one of my own.


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