Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I hope you don't mind that I took a few days off there. Commencement weekend left me exhausted in mind, body and soul. I've taken off a few days from work too, so being unplugged from the world for a few days has been a nice reprieve.

But believe it or not, I managed to take pictures of two of my outfits from the weekend! Friday night was easy since I had the afternoon to do so; Saturday - out of the house by 6:15am and not back until 11pm - was impossible (I just re-wore this comfortably cute outfit anyway); and Sunday will be shared tomorrow!

Ponte dress - Dorothy Perkins / Instant Sleeves - LucieLu
Sandals - Nine West (via Endless) 

The outfits I wore needed to be comfortable, breathable, beltable (so I had something to clip my radio onto), and something I could just feel good in, ya know? I thought this ponte dress was a good candidate for all of that. I tried a few different accessories from the first wearing of the dress, and I added my LucieLu Instant Sleeves in Mocha to add a second color and a little more arm coverage.

Handbag - Banana Republic / Belt - Lane Bryant

I'm doing a lot with brown and greens, though, aren't I? And, like, all different tones of them. I think it mostly works, but I confess all I really care about is that I got to wear this necklace again. And the shoes... Yes, believe it or not, I really was able to run around for about 4 hours in the them! How's that for shoe mileage?

Ring - Ruche / Necklace - Anthropologie / Earrings - Banana Republic


  1. I could tell immediately that was a DP dress! I love it with your pairings today! I am wearing my white one with turquoise and yellow and I feel like a million bucks! Can't wait to show it off. HS Graduation is next week so I am running around like mad down here too! 


  3. I love how you added the subtle colors to give character and depth to these lovely neutrals!

  4. I love how you mixed the neutrals, and you are right, you need to wear that gorgeous necklace as much as possible!

  5. thanks! i really was a little skeptical about all those different colors, but sometimes ya just gotta embrace it! 

  6. gosh - thanks - that makes me feel much more confident about doing so!

  7. and you LOOKED like a million bucks! (just read your post!) i wonder how that dress escaped my notice... it looked fab on you!


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