Monday, April 2, 2012

Blank Canvas

Let's start off the week with a great little dress, shall we? This Dorothy Perkins dress was one of those peplum finds that I had stalked forever online. The color I really wanted was a luscious grass green, but, alas, it sold out in my size before I could make up my mind to pull the trigger. The blank canvas of nude turned out to be a happy (and more versatile) runner up.

I use to have (well, still have but it nowhere near fits) a flannel caramel-colored sheath from Banana Republic that I always wanted to wear with a green belt. It never did fit (and it's time for me to give it up, methinks) so the outfit idea continued to languish. So this nude dress sprung to my mind as a way to finally wear the combination. The dress is best worn with a belt, actually, so it was fate!

Dress - Dororthy Perkins / Belt - Banana Republic /
Clutch - eloquii / Heels - Nine West "Bigspender" (via  Endless)

Lest a dress nearly the color of my skin wash me out, colorful accessories were necessary. The belt was already a given, but the combination of other accessories would plague me. I don't think I hit the right mark with this particular combination, but I couldn't resist the punch of green and coral. (Truthfully, I just couldn't resist wearing these shoes!) I will say that the necklace is closer to the green of the belt than these pictures let on; they seem more complementary in real life. As a whole, the outfit might be a case where a little more editing was necessary, and I confess myself feeling somewhat self-conscious for much of the night on that score, but there it is. Funnily enough, I received several compliments on the necklace and quite a few on the shoes. So maybe I shouldn't have hung so tightly to the belt, eh?

Necklace - Modcloth (gifted) / Ring - Banana Republic / Earrings - Anthroplogie /
Nailpolish - Re-fresh Mint (China Glaze)

That's the nice thing about a blank canvas, though; the options for next time are endless!


  1. I just got my two Dorothy Perkins dresses in the mail last week and I'll feature one of them in Wednesday's post. I love them! Thank you for turning me on to DP dresses!!! And I may just have to get the one you are wearing! It's adorable!!!

  2. You are so so good with color! And I love your necklace. 

  3. That dress is gorgeous! I love the color, and I actually love the accessory choices as well, and my eye was immediately drawn to the belt and the shoes!

  4. Not only does your hair look hot (did you recently get it done??) but I LOVE this!  I really like the green and coral together as well, and this dress really looks beautiful on you.  Tres belle, ma seour!!

  5. Gorgeous!  Your hair looks amazing, the dress is fabulous, and the accessories are adorable.  Love it!

  6. That necklace is SICKENING! ! Love your style, hun.

  7. I so need to know: where did you get the belt?? I actually LOVE this whole outfit - belt included!

  8. Might help if I read the whole caption. :P Sorry about that! I'm really enjoying your blog!


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