Monday, April 30, 2012

Can't Help Myself

So I broke down and bought this purple pencil skirt. I held off for awhile, believing I really didn't need it. You can imagine my pride that I could actually say no to a pencil skirt... Well, then 50% off happened, and I caved.

Top - LOFT / Pencil skirt - eloquii / Heels - Max Studio (via DSW)

I caved especially when I was pinspired by the combination of navy and purple in this image. I had practically the same top and knew it would pair beautifully with the skirt. The colors may read a bit autumnal, but I love the simple elegance that these colors create together.

Handbag - DKNY (via TJMaxx)

I was intrigued by the black accents in the outfit image as well, so I wanted to incorporate it similarly into my recreation, even it was just the handbag. I wasn't convinced that black shoes would be great, but the more I look at the image, the more I wish I had taken a chance with a pair. Black and navy might be one of those pairings that seem odd or clash, but, like brown and black or brown and grey, there's something about the combination that feels classic to me.

But, I mean, leapord print shoes seem like a pretty fabulous choice, too, no?

Ring - Banana Republic / Earring - Ruche / Nails - Love & Acceptance (Essie)


  1. Super cute look! I love the shoes (have the same ones!).


  2. Oooh! Such a fun combo of colors & cuts (love the blouse!) + animal print. :) Great picks.

  3. Just found your blog yesterday (via pinterest - searching for ideas for my Gap Pink blazer) and had to come back and look back at some of your outfits from past year. May I tell how nice it is to find a blogger who looks like me - shape wise (except you have more of a waist than I do) ?  And is inspiring in fun, colorful outfit choices. I think I can stripes now after seeing them on you! Love your sense of humor and style. I will check back in as often as I can from now on - thanks for bringing us along on your journey.  Christieanne

  4. AtthepinkofperfectionMay 1, 2012 at 10:51 PM

    Your hair!! You look fabulous. Your hair is so Mad Men!


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