Tuesday, April 3, 2012

To a Tee

After a busy work weekend, I often take Mondays off. Such was the case yesterday. I typically don't wear anything blog-worthy on those days, and the world is I'm lucky if I get dressed at all. I also think my biggest style handicap is casual wear, i.e. anything without heels. It's one of the reasons you don't see much of these sorts of outfits on here! But I've really been loving the casual coolness of cuffed skinnies lately, and even more so with a vibrant colored henley tee.

Tee - Gap / Skinnies - Gap / Handbag - DKNY (via TJ Maxx) /
Sandals - Bandolino (via Endless) / Earrings - Lane Bryant / Ring - Ruche

Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised by this basic $7 Gap tee. All I had to do was add a few choice accessories - a statement bag, big jewelery, and strappy wedges - and I could actually be seen outside of the house.


  1. I have the same issue with casual wear.  It's such a struggle for me.  I think curvy bodies just crave being dressed up!  
    This casual outfit is really cute.  It doesn't have that lazy casual look; it still looks polished and neat, but comfy.  

  2. 1) Tim Gunn referred to those shoes as "by Bandolini" on whatever awful show he's  on now on ABC during the day.  But it's Tim Gunn so it was so cute.

    2) I really struggled with casual wear myself... until I got laid off in January.  Now my life IS casual wear.  Confession: I do put on a pair of 4" heels sometimes JUST to pick up my first grader from school.  (Mostly because I am afraid I will forget how to walk in heels otherwise!)

    I love the blue of this top and I too am OBSESSED with rolling up my jeans... or pants, or anything I *can* roll up, really.

  3. On non-picture days (like today), I grab the jeans, tee, leather jacket, and flats. I just can't do the dress up routine every day of the work week. Kudos to you for showing us your casual side!


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