Thursday, April 19, 2012


I thought I would love this outfit much more than I do. Olive and blue seem to be a no-brainer, at least it was here, here, here... So this combination was one I had always envisioned for this top when I first got it last fall. But alas, something is not quite right. (Aside from my belt askew, anyway.)

Top - Anthropologie / Tank - Anthropologie / Skirt - Lane Bryant /
Belt - The Limited / Sandals - Nine West

I partially blame the total blousiness of the top. Even when tucking it into a never-fail wide waistband, the top does not do much for my shape - its complete lack of structure coupled with its mandarin collar is doing everything it can to work against my chest and waist. All of this is odd, though, since separately these features to not typically cause problems for me, especially when accessorized correctly. (This recent outfit comes to mind!) Perhaps I would have done better to untuck the top and belt it, like I did the first time I wore it?

Handbag - Gustto

Or maybe it's the neckline of the tank I wore underneath? After looking at those pictures of the first wearing of the top, I note the tank had a v-neck rather than scoopneck shape. Hmmm, I bet that's it! Eureka!

Ring - Ruche / Earrings - Lane Bryant

I've said it before and I'll say it again - blog and learn, people. Blog and learn....


  1. I like it.  The blouse is very pretty.  I think a wide belt that stays in place in the same color as the thin one would be the needed touch.

  2. it looks nice in the photos -- i wonder if it is a bit autumnal for right now and that affected your comfort?  i would have worn darker sandals in blue or brown. 

    if it's not too weird for a total stranger to say, i thought of you when i saw the tahari "patty" dress. 

  3. I think I really like it! The only thing that might seem a bit off to me is the sleeve length with the shape of the top. But otherwise, it looks really, really pretty on you and the color combination works very well!

  4. LOVE this outfit! That top is SO pretty, and love the red bag :)

    The Other Side of Gray 


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