Monday, October 24, 2011


This Ruche top has quickly become one of my favorite pieces. Ever since the first time I wore it, I've kept coming back to it in my closet, wanting to wear more often than not. So I thought about my initial ideas of how to remix it and opted for this casual version at the first possible opportunity. No better way to face the harsh realities of Monday, methinks.

Blazer - Calvin Klein (via TJ Maxx) / Top - Ruche / Dark skinnies - Gap / Necklace - Urban Outfitters / Ring - Ruche

I've really been drawn to the combination of blue and olive lately, so I knew this Calvin Klein blazer of mine would work wonderfully. Cuffed skinny jeans, open toe heels, and a few statement jewelry pieces (the same in the first wearing, actually) complete the look in a way that does justice to the first.

Sad news, though. These favorite Gap skinnes of mine finally wore out and ripped (thank you, thighs), so now I have to go through breaking in a whole new pair. Either that, or figure out how to sew a patch. Or maybe both.

Handbag - Furla (via Filene's Basement)
Heels - Banana Republic


  1. I love this look! That blazer fits you beautifully.  I wish I was brave enough to wear skinnies like you do. I have progressed to wearing them tucked into boots but I am still working towards pairing them with flats or heels.

  2. Perfection :) You've got legs for miles!

  3. What a gorgeous look--I love the combination of the printed blouse and blazer, along with those jeans.

  4. thanks!! i'm not looking forward to having to break in a new pair, that's for sure...

  5. you can do it! ironically, my first wearing was with sandals (before i found my favorite boots, though). it's all about proportions, really. wear tops with more volume or layers to complement (and underline) the slim bottom. and always wear it with confidence!

  6. This whole outfit has such a slimming effect.  You look so confident in these pieces.  That's a bummer about your jeans.... a moment of silence for the passing of the skinny jeans.


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