Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Flat Land

I'm sure it comes as no surprise that I don't own a whole lot of flats. Regardless of the havoc they probably wreak on my joints and bones (thank goodness for my chiropractor), I'm a huge fan of heels and everything they do for my otherwise thick legs. But all this talk about leopard print flats this season, and spying them on more than one fellow blogger and co-worker, I figured I'd better jump on board. If there isn't a bigger DUH, I don't know what is...

Grey cardiwrap - Maurices / White long sleeve tee - LOFT / Dark flare jeans - Lane Bryant /
Leopard print flats - Target / Handbag - Furla (renting from BBOS)

As soon as these babies arrived at my door, I immediately began foraging for styling ideas online (blogs, Pinterest, etc.). My favorites were grey and coral or orange, cream and red, and cozy winter whites and brown. I've chosen the grey and coral for my inauguaral wearing (opting for a coral belt and earrings since I'll never be able to I don't own a Birkin), but I'm already plotting when and how I'll wear them next! Really though, they can be worn with pretty much anything to spruce up a casual look. Foolproof fabulous flats. Huzzah!

Belt - Talbots
Ring - Ruche / Necklace - The Limited / Earrings - LOFT


  1. Thanks for the Bag Borrow or Steal mention!

  2. you're very welcome! i'm definitely a fan! (if only i could BUY them all tho!)


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