Thursday, October 20, 2011

On Purpose

Icky, rainy, cold, windy nastiness. Such was today. When I was planning my outfit, I wanted to keep it simple (and covered) by wearing pants, closed-toe heels, and a basic silhouette. No fuss. The weather was fussy enough.

Cream cardigan - LOFT / Lace Applique Tee - LOFT / Black wide-leg pants - NY&Co. / Earrings - The Limited

My color choices started off rather bland - stemming from the black pants, I think. I know black pants are supposed to be a closet staple, but they seem to be my closet black hole. (No pun intended.) I just can't seem to style them in any way that excites me. So I decided to add a gold belt and light caramel (rather than black) shoes and just embrace the cream and black thing I had going on. I guess I could have added more pops of color with a (fuchsia?) handbag or other accessories, but I opted only for my big ol' coral ring (which is getting a rather lot of wear lately) and let it ride. I also just HAD to sport my latest BBOS rental, my gorgeous ostrich Furla (the Amazzone Large Bauletto Shopper Handbag), and I thought its gold, brown and black hues rounded out the palette nicely.

Clarissa Coral Pendant Ring - Ruche / Gold skinny belt - Talbots 

Moral of the story? If you're going to do a colorless netural palette, embrace it fully. Make it purposeful. But I must admit that I'm not sure how else to make this outfit otherwise more colorful. What do you think? How would you style this pleated lace top in a more colorfully diverse ensemble? And how do you wear YOUR black pants?

Heels - RSVP (via Zappos)


  1. Perfect for a rainy day!

  2. absolutely! although perhaps not quite as good as yoga pants at home on the couch with a cup of hot tea =)) 

  3. You really rock it, Sonsy. I'm thinking "Joan Holloway." My hair is a similar length - I wonder if you'd show us how you style this up-do?

  4. Thanks for the Bag Borrow or Steal mention!

  5. you know, i keep meaning to do a post about my updos! will try to do one soon! until then...

    1) start with dirty hair.
    2) hang head upside down and rat hair gently
    3) flip hair over and find a part.
    4) gather section of hair at crown, comb top lightly to straighten any lumps or frizz, push up slightly in back, and pin with small clip
    5) section rest of hair, twist and pin with clip
    6) hairspray the crap outta it.

    i use 5-6 medium size clips - it makes for a pretty neat look in the back as well as the front. and NO bump it! =)


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