Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cuffed Cool

Inspired by this outfit, I wanted to get my hands on some "boyfriend jeans" to cuff and wear with cute things like lace tops and fitted blazers. I know Tim Gunn would have my head for cuffing any kind of pant, because he IS right - a cropped anything can make a girl look stumpy. Except models with long legs and high heels, of course. Regardless, I wanted to try it, and after acquiring a few lace tops from the LOFT sale racks over the weekend, I probably still will. But in lieu of having anything anywhere close to recreating that outfit at the time, I went with this striped cardiwrap instead.

Striped cardiwrap - Maurices / Reversible Seamless Tank (Ivory) - Anthropologie /
Straight leg jeans - Lane Bryant / Handbag - Gustto / Sandals - Nine West

It's alright, I guess. I've put on worse and lived to tell about it. I have to say it looked better in person than it photographed. But the lesson learned is that, if a curvy girl is going to rock the cuffed boyfriend jeans look, she needs to be as tailored as possible up on top. (A self-belted cardiwrap just doesn't seem to cut it.) Lace top and fitted blazer, you're next!

Ring - The Limited / Earrings - Maurices / Ginko necklace - ChrDesigns (Etsy)


  1. I'm a big fan of that cardi myself, I think it's a pretty cute outfit all around! Love seeing all these posts from you!

  2. thanks lady! i need to find more ways to wear that cardi - yay stripes!

  3. What are you talking about?  I think it's very cute!  Super cute sandals too, BTW. I love the look of the cuffed boyfriend jean, but I don't even have to try it to know it's not gonna love me back.

  4. haha, thanks natalie! i think it just seems to casz for me - or something. hence the need to add some heels! 

  5. Psssshhhh Tim Gunn, he isn't ALWAYS right!  I love cuffed boyfriend jeans and will wear them, and I don't think they look stumpy AT ALL!  Love the look here!

  6. well thank you thank you! i guess i have been proven wrong yet again!


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