Thursday, October 6, 2011

Summer's Goddess

This 80 degree October weather clearly has me in flash-back mode to the summer, and particularly this outfit. The occasion was my mother's birthday, who had come to visit a mere 2 weeks after we had moved (and thus hadn't gotten around to blog about it). And since today is my not-so-little brother's birthday (Happy Birthday, Paul!), I thought this was a good time to finally post that particular birthday celebration outfit as well!

Dress - Banana Republic / Instant Sleeves in Mocha - LucieLu / Sandals - Payless / Handbag - Gustto (via BBOS)

Please excuse the poor picture quality, however. I had forgotten my camera so these were taken with Bob's iPhone. The contrast is wacky, but all in all I continue to be impressed with the pictures they can produce! (Many thanks and RIP, Steve Jobs.)

The dress? A sweet little Banana Republic sale score from an online return. I couldn't believe my luck that it was a 16 AND it was on sale! Totally meant to be. I just love the bodice of the the dress - such dainty pleating in a romantic cream color. I felt like summer's goddess in this dress! The skirt of the dress, in a slightly darker color that created a nice tonal effect, gracefully floated away from my hips, too, camouflaging all manner of sins below, and hitting perfectly just under my knee. The LucieLu instant sleeves worked well with the overall effect of the dress, too! All I had to do was throw on some gladiator sandals and a handbag in a vibrant pop of color and I was ready to go out and celebrate my momma.

Cheers to you, Mom!


  1. I say this dress on sale a while ago and I REALLY wanted to get it, but something stopped me.  Now I am kicking myself because it looks adorable on you!  The litte detailing on the bust is so cute.  I'm so jealous!

  2. thanks!! i still can't believe it was just sitting int the sale section in my size and everything. i think i remember seeing it when it was full price online and i thought - ooh, pretty! but i can't imagine it could work for me. so i'm glad i got to try it on and be proven wrong!


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