Monday, January 2, 2012

Ringing in the New Year

Oh what a night! Bob and I had possibly the best NYE celebration that we've ever had in our 7 years together. (In fact, this New Year's marks our 7th anniversary!) Our dinner reservations weren't until 9pm, so our evening got a late start, but the amazing food, wine, friends and laughter we enjoyed as the stroke of midnight came closer were a-plenty.

Black back draped top - Banana Republic / Lurex striped pencil skirt - ASOS / Suede heels - BCBG (eBayed)

Naturally, a little (or a lot of) sparkle is something of a prerequisite for NYE dressing, so I wanted to run with it this year. I bought this ASOS skirt on Black Friday and I was excited to finally break it out for the big night. The skirt is quite long on me, even for a girl who prefers skirts long, so I hiked it up, added a wide belt, and wore it as a high waist number. (I may hem it, but we'll see. I can also fold the waist under to adjust as necessary, and I kinda like the flexibility.) It took me a while to find the perfect top, but this draped back stretch satin loveliness was the perfect complement to the skirt, for just the look I was going for. Back seamed sheers seemed obvious, too, no?

I did want a little pop of color somewhere, and I toyed with pinks and reds, but I really liked how turquoise stood out against the blacks and golds, so I chose one of my favorite Banana Republic turquoise rings to play off the gold necklace, earrings and gold shimmer/copper glitter french manicure. I also played with a little gold and turquoise eye make-up, even though it did get a little out of hand. I'm wearing the BareMinerals Color Shift set, which I bought just for this purpose, but the gold "shifted" far too easily into the aqua and gave me an all-over aqua look instead. Yikes! (I was going for 50s glam, not 80s rocker!) All bets are off on NYE, though, so I just worked it. (And I'm probably going to return it...)

Necklace - Banana Republic / Clutch - Macy's / Ring - Banana Republic / Earrings - Anthropologie / Sheers - HUE

Nina Garcia tweeted over the weekend "If you look amazing, you’ll feel amazing; and if you look and feel amazing, you’re guaranteed to have an amazing night." Quite right. I felt absolutely glamorous in this outfit and perfectly festive for the holiday (and anniversary ♥). And an amazing night was indeed had.

Happy New Year!!! Heath, happiness, love and peace to all of you!


  1. Oh my goodness!  You look incredible!  The outfit itself is amazing, but I love your attention to detail with the jewelry, seamed hosiery, and coordinating clutch!  Bob looks quite dashing in his suit as well.  Congratulations on your 7 years together!

  2. AMAZING. I love everything about this outfit, ESPECIALLY the back seam hose. If I had a job in corporate america, I'd definitely wear those babies all the time. 

  3. Happy New Year, beautiful outfit, just the right amount of sparkle.

  4. you know, i never thought about wearing them to work (of course, i don't work in corporate america) - i kinda think they're too sexy! but now i kinda love them and might have to wear them more...

  5. thank you so, so much! bob thanks you too! happy new year!


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