Thursday, January 12, 2012


I've stumbled onto another outfit formula. Well, it's really the same formula as this one, but the use of solid tees rather than striped ones has doubled the remix potential. And I have lots...

Blue tee - LOFT / Grey ponte skirt - Lane Bryant / Tights - Lane Bryant /
Boots - Coconuts via DSW (gifted)

It also makes me revisit my small but growing scarf collection. As you've probably noticed, I prefer infinity scarves, and I want more. And more. They're a fool-proof accessory - such a great way to get a little print or pop of color into an outfit, and you don't have to worry about how to tie the darn things.

Scarf -  / Ring & earrings - Ruche /
Nails - Frankly I Don't Give A-dam (Sephora O.P.I.)

I'm just warning you, but you will likely see yet another variation of this outfit sooner rather than later.

Handbag - Urban Outfitters


  1. I have formulas too. I find myself in a dress, cardigan, scarf, boots combo A LOT! I love the infinity scarf!

  2. The print on the scarf is beautiful. Live this look! I envy your formula.

    - Justine

  3. I too love the infinity so I have been tying all mine into infinity. They feel so much fancier that way don't they?

  4. interesting, thanks.  i have always avoided scarves as i am busty but you make it work, and now i want to try.  the updo helps to elongate.  do you have a picture of your hair updo from the back?


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