Friday, January 6, 2012

Mad About Plaid

The sale room at Anthropologie is a magical place. I walked passed this jacket a few times during my last Anthro trip in Milwaukee's Third Ward, strangely attracted to its rather loud bouclé plaid. I mean, at first I was even slightly repulsed by it, but I just kept coming back to it, each time more charmed by it. As I do with anything that catches my eye, I checked the size (it was the only one), then the price. (Is it even worth it?) A 12, a size smaller than my usual, and $70. But wait! Sale items are 50% off - it's $35!!! That did it, I had to at least try it on. As I suspected, the jacket was much too snug in the arms and across the chest, but I really started to love the look of it on it me. The plaid may have been intense, but it had a wonderful color palette, great cut, and pretty flawless construction. Yes, I needed this - if only my size! I was actually wearing the same thermal tee, skinnies and boots at the time, and it was clear that, had it fit, I would have walked straight to the cash wrap just as I was...

Tartan Boucle Blazer - Anthropologie / Thermal tee - Anthropologie / Dark skinnies - Gap /
Boots - Coconuts "Walker" via DSW (gifted)

But what the heck, I would give hope a chance and ask if other stores might have a 14. With customer serivce not to be outdone - the Friday before Christmas, mind you - the sales associate spent at least 15 minutes on the phone, finally hunting down the jacket in the NYC Times Square store, of all places. (Seriously, her patience and perseverance on my behalf was incredible.) Triumph! The jacket was mine!! For $35 freaking dollars!!!

Earrings & ring - Banana Republic / Necklace - Anthropologie

Later that night, I happened to be perusing my old pins on Pinterest and found - much to my amazement - this very pin from the Anthropologie cataloge. What the what!? "Pretty much want everything here," I noted. It seems I had been lusting after this jacket the whole time! Though I obviously love the jacket with skinnies and boots, I have every intention to style it as Anthro-imagined for next time. (This may be next week, incidentally.)

It seems my subconscious shops just as much as I do.

Handbag  - Furla (via Filene's Basement)


  1. cheapchicinchicagoJanuary 6, 2012 at 10:13 AM

    Gorgeous jacket!

  2. I so agree about the Anthropologie sale room being a magical place- and I so love this jacket! How do you like your boots? I've been looking for some with a generous calf, how have you liked these?? Happy Friday!

  3. i like them - they're very pretty! great details all over. they're still pretty snug at my calves - zipping them up is often an adventure, but they zip! i also have these boots, which i bought last year and LOVE. i wanted to buy them again this year, but strangely enough i found the newer ones did NOT fit my calves, even in the wide calf! I will say that DSW has a pretty good selection for wide calf boots though - check them out when you can. i'd also been eyeing <a href=">these</a>!

  4. thanks! i'm looking for more fun ways to layer it!

  5. How do you do your up do?  I have always admired the way you do it this way and wondered how you do it with a short cut.  I would love a tutorial!  :)

  6. Looove that jacket!!! Your outfit is so stylish. I'm now determined to find the perfect jacket for me too!!!

  7. Cute post! Beautiful look! ♥♥♥


    Linda from

  8. The jacket is adorable! I wish Anthro would consider having more items in larger sizes... sometimes I feel like their Large is really a medium. Cute outfit!


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