Monday, October 4, 2010

Pencil Me In

Working on a Sunday night wasn't so bad. T'was a big performance, but I like it better that way. Front-of-house-wise, things are getting a little better, going a little smoother. We're not totally there yet, but we're getting there. I've been reminded that, even if I'm going bonkers on the inside, I need to keep completely composed on the outside. All is calm; all is perfect. Probably a good rule to live by in any kind of customer service setting: never let them see you sweat. It's also good for the staff to see, I think. If you're calm, they can remain calm and just concentrate on doing their jobs better.

I knew today needed to be another skirt or dress day, even though I had a moment of just wanting to wear pants and a sweater. I had originally planned to wear yet another outfit involving purple (#1-3), but in an attempt to branch out a bit (and because I feared it looked too springy), I kept trying. I then proceeded to cycle through a few options that, believe it or not, still involved purple somewhere...  I really do gravitate toward the color, it seems. Instead, though, I pulled out a great dusty blue cardigan with a little bow detail - one I hadn't worn in a while. I now own 4 different cardigans with this kind of detail near the neckline. It's becoming clear to me that I'm always drawn to textural/architectural details, and often in lieu of patterns or even color...

Blue cardigan with bow detail - LOFT / Navy camisole - LOFT / Beige pencil skirt - NY&Co /
Ostrich-embossed belt - Banana Republic
Bow-detail close-up / Necklace (single strand doubled) - Banana Republic

And of course, the pencil skirt. I can't tell you how thrilled I am to have pencil skirts back in my wardrobe rotation. There's nothing I love better than a belted cardigan and pencil skirt. My BF told me I could be his secretary any day... =7 He then inquired if I'm purposely going after the Mad Men look. Yes, and no.  I've dressed like this for years; it really is in many ways a signature of my style. But, I thank Christina Hendricks for all she does for retro-inclined curvy girls everywhere.

Green Croc-embossed "Flatiron" Leather Bag / Banana Republic

But, oh, the bag. I love this bag. This bag hurled me headlong into a love affair with handbags. This bag did me in; this bag was my gateway drug to my handbag addiction. I will say that this addiction never got TOO out of control, and it was also a very specific addition - one that never involved bags with "signatures" all over them (just not my style), but I'm also happy to report that this addiction has, more or less, ended. But, oh, this bag! Such a gorgeous green crocodile exterior, snappy contrasting blue trim, substantial structure and appealing shape... HANDBAG-LOVE. The bag, truth be told, was an afterthought to the outfit itself, but once I pulled it out, I squealed with glee at the pairing-made-in-heaven, and I made my BF take one last picture before we got into the car. This picture is, in fact, my favorite. Perhaps ever.

Accessories? Of course!

Navy heels - Gabriella Rocha (via
Shades of blue enamel bracelet - Banana Republic / Gold angel/flower earrings (depending on how you look at it) -
Banana Republic / Ring - Banana Republic

If you haven't noticed, most of my favorite jewelry is from BR. I love what they do with jewelry, especially statement necklaces and cocktail rings. I don't particularly love their clothes these days, but I never pass up a chance to peer through their glass cases of fantastic baubles.

In summary: a good day and a good outfit. A good weekend, in fact, even if I did have to work. Gonna be a looooong week, though...


  1. So I just finished your blog in one big gulp/sitting. I think your style is great and I REALLY enjoyed your writing! I found you through a comment you made on Kasmira's blog about blog content. I am generally a lurker, but rest assured I am here (I don't "follow" because I don't like the way the posts look.) Keep up the wonderful work!

  2. You know, when I saw this outfit, I instantly thought of Christinal Hendrick on Mad Men. You pulled it off! Great outfit!


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