Saturday, October 30, 2010

New Boots!

Okay, so I thought I'd post this - even though the pics aren't great - just because I love these freakin' boots so darn much and I MUST share my joy (and a little review). I found these babies, the Ciao Bella Thebatta, at the DSW in Indy during my shopping trip last weekend, but I had to order them online to get an extended calf.They came yesterday...

First of all, I was thrilled to have been able to check out a few styles all at once. I seriously had 8 pairs of boots next to me at DSW, and though I'm a huge fan of online shopping (and I have no problems returning things that don't work), sometimes it's so much more efficient to be able to see and compare and try on all at once - especially when it comes to something as tricky as the perfect boots. 

I will of course state that, as a curvy girl, I have trouble finding boots that fit my calves. I've certainly had a surprising amount of good luck, too, but after searching for months (like, since last fall), I still hadn't found the boot that fit five criteria: flat heel, some but minimal detail, a rich but neutral color (like a taupe or cognac), riding boot style, and hit just below my knees. I think that's everyone's criteria this season, really. (And the OTK thing is just not for me.) So I cannot TELL you how giddy I am about these boots. Perfect rich brown, nice comfortable flat, almond toe, and they hit right at my sweet spot below my knee. I even like the asymmetry at the top of the shaft, as I think it does nice things to flatter my wider calves. 

The only thing I don't love about them is the back zip. I think in general a back zip is harder to maneuver than a side zip, especially for us girls with larger calves. I've been able to finagle loads of boots with a normal calf width up my legs when they had a side zip, even with jeans on. So even these, which do claim to have an "extended calf width" were troublesome. But, I did get them on - first just over bare legs - and I kept them on for a few hours to help stretch them out. Then later that evening, when the BF and I decided to go out for a casual bite to eat, and I knew I had to debut these babies over skinnies, they actually zipped up fine and off we went.

Tan corduroy blazer - LOFT / Face tee - LOFT / Pink hoodie - Banana Republic / Dark skinnies - Gap / Earrings - Dress Barn (??) / Ring - Banana Republic

Of course, I'm also pretty stoked about the rest of my ensemble - the corduroy jacket is new, as is the fun face tee. I put these two together, but thought I'd add this bright pink hoodie, which I wear all the freaking time while lounging at home, to add a pop of color and to bring out the purty lips on the tee. Not gonna lie - I felt pretty fantastic. I'm totally working this causal layering thing...



  1. love these boots!! planning to link to this post in the future :)

  2. yes, yes! please do! I thought of your recent boot reviews when I posted it. all the boot resources us curvy girls can get is such a huge blessing!

  3. I am so jealous, they look fantastic on you! I couldn't work the damn zipper when i tried them, but i'm kind of a klutz. Love the blog so pretty.

  4. curvyeveryday, i posted this on your blog too, but the zipper does suck - truly. i think you can completely blame that. it gets especially frustrating at the top seam. i actually have to have my BF zip them up while i pull the zipper together. i'm hoping that'll all break it. totally worth it though!

  5. Super cute! I'm glad to hear there are boots out there to fit us girls with large calves. (My BF calls them "shapely", which I much prefer :-)


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