Monday, October 18, 2010

Just Another Monday

My Monday wasn't all bad. Oh sure, the whole place was practically turned upside down and inside out in order to make tomorrow's big event happen, but I wasn't really involved with much of it (thankfully), and I think everything with work out just fine. I actually think it gave a little needed excitement to kick off the week, rather than pulling out of some kind of mythological Monday sludge. Truth be told, too, I haven't worked on a Monday in while, so everything was just a little fresh for me anyway. And I got a crapload of work done. I do wonder if my productivity today will be any indicator of how productive I'll be for the rest of the week... Maybe? I'm hoping for a good, solid week to justify all the fun things I have planned this weekend.

I knew what I was wearing today the minute I checked the weather. Mid-60s? Hell, yes! Perfect weather for long sleeves and my new scarf! I'd worn this outfit on a weekend not too long ago, and I loved it so much that I decided that I'd wear the outfit again on the first cool, casual day of the work week - today!

Olive green cropped jacket - Maurice's / Long sleeve blue tee - LOFT / Boot-cut jeans - Lane Bryant / boots - CL by Chinese Laundry (via Famous Footwear) / Printed loop scarf - / pretty blue baby on my arm - Furla (via Avelle)

This jacket has gotten a lot of play, but the scarf is a newer addition to my closet - and I really don't wear scarves that often. As I've said before, they tend to sit on my chest unattractively, and I can never figure out how to best tie them. (Probably the source of my problem, really.) But when I happened upon circle scarves, I figured I couldn't go wrong. Idiot proof scarves! I love the mixed/reversible print of this one - you can't see it in these pictures, but the underside is a tan and blue leopard print. I think printed scarves are a the perfect accessory. I tend to wear a lot of solids (if you haven't noticed), so if I can successfully work a printed scarf into an outfit, I get just enough pattern and visual interest - or even just a pop of color - to complete the look. I seriously think the loop scarf idea solves all my scarf problems, so I'm pretty sure I'll be investing in more.

Yep, I dig this look. Weather appropriate, casual, a little rugged (something unusual for me), but still put together. All good things in my style book.

Maybe that's why my Monday wasn't all that bad - when your look is right, everything else falls into place. If that's not the fashionista's manifesto, I don't know what is.


  1. Randomly stumbled upon your blog and really loving it. I am definitely going to track down that scarf — so cute!

  2. I like the scarf! Circle scarves are really great. I just got one not too long ago. I was obsessed with scarves before that, but the circle scarf is a well welcomed addition. I also love the jacket! I almost never have luck finding cute jackets.


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