Wednesday, October 6, 2010

On Neutral Ground

So that boring pants and sweater combo I had warned you about turned into something quite different! It's amazing what accessories can do for an outfit...

Brown open cardigan - Maurice's / Ivory camisole - Banana Republic / Grey wide-leg pants - NY&Co / Tan open-toe shoes - Banana Republic / Wide lizard-print belt - Banana Republic

I still kept the grey-brown combination I had planned, however. I adore these two neutrals together, and I advocate the combination whenever I can! But, I really did want to put little more effort into my outfit (and the 80-degree weather definitely called for shorter sleeves and thinner materials). I'm very happy with the result, especially that subtle touch of pretty light-turquoise color in the accessories I chose.

God and turquoise stone necklace - LOFT
Earrings - Maurice's / Turquoise enamel bracelet - Ten Thousand Villages / Ring - Banana Republic

I felt good today; I felt like I looked good today - even my unwashed hair! =S (I was slightly uncomfortable with my cleavage, however. I should probably reign that in.) We had two successive full houses of children's performances this morning, which always makes the day go by in a blink of an eye. Don't really get much actual work done on days like these though. But what work? What is it that I do, again? My predecessor in this job called herself a glorified house manager, and it's probably an accurate description. It's the behind-the-scenes work, however - the little bits and pieces here and there that make front-of-house-things go, that help a performance night fall into place, that try to predict or prevent any problems that may arise at any moment - I guess that's what I do, too. And maybe a lot of online shopping...?

BUT I'm very happy to report that, for the next two evenings, I will not be at work. Yes! Normal days! Normal nights! I'm looking forward to enjoying the fall night air, must-see-TV (speaking of which - I need to watch Glee!), and an actual dinner at the table with my BF. Maybe even a fire in the fireplace, too.

Nevermind that I'll have a 14 hour day on Saturday, though. =P  Well, at least I have a fun outfit planned...

Happy Birthday (again), dear brother. We miss and love you. 


  1. I love this! I definitely advocate brown and grey. Beautiful color scheme. I really love your pants! They look so comfortable and so dressy. The bracelet is the best! I love that color and I really think you just pulled this together so well. Great Post!


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