Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Green Zebra

I've had this outfit on hold for a few days, though I kept hesitating to go with it because I was afraid it wasn't interesting enough. As if a green zebra print isn't enough! (Oh, and Green Zebra is also a fantastic vegetarian restaurant in Chicago. I highly recommend it!) But I wasn't feeling up to the challenge to put together something more adventurous today, so this was it. But seriously, can we get more adventurous than a sartorial safari?

Green zebra print cardigan - Banana Republic / White camisole - Banana Republic / Black wide-leg pants - NY&Co. / Black patent open-toed sling-backs - Banana Republic

Tan pleated bag - Steve Madden (via
Silver tiered chain necklace (that gold is just a fluke of the light) - Lane Bryant /
Earrings - Lane Bryant

I actually got a few compliments on the ensam today, thanks largely in part to the vibrant shade of green this print is. I love it, too, against the stark black pants which makes it all the more noticeable. (And, yes, the pants are a bit too long - or my heels are too short...) Perhaps I shouldn't ever underestimate the power of a statement print!

I thought about this a lot today - the fact that one of my biggest obstacles when getting dressed each day has become the challenge to put together something "blog-worthy." True, this is one of the reasons I started the blog in the first place -  to get me thinking outside my wardrobe box - but I don't want it making me doubt my usual style, either. What I've really wanted is this blog to give me greater confidence in my already existing style and, more importantly, my body image in general. And I do think it has. I've noticed that I might feel one way during the day, and even during the photo shoot...but then once I see the pictures, once I see the finished blog post, my perception changes. This whole project of mine has become more eye-opening with each post I do, and I find that quite unexpectedly special...

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  1. Love it! This looks so easy to wear, and you wear it so well!

    Oh, I love your new layout too btw!!


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