Friday, October 8, 2010

On Casual Style (or the Lack Thereof)

I didn't post yesterday. I'm barely mustering up enough motivation to post today. I know no one is breathing down my neck to post daily - I'm keeping this blog for me after all - but I think that's the most important reason to post, anyway.

What is comes down to is the fact that I haven't loved my ensembles these past couple of days, let alone have I wanted to broadcast them. But making myself write this post (and looking critically at my outfit pictures) has made me realize where I need the most room for improvement in my personal style: my casual wardrobe. I do dressy really well. Sexy secretary? You bet. Elegant cocktail dress? Bring it. Stylish work/event-wear? Easy. Friday night out at high-end bar? I can do that, too. But give me a regular old day that I want to look put-together but still dressed-down? Muddy waters. These are the days when my closet throws up on my floor and I come out of my room depressed and frustrated with my body. I just don't seem to have a middle-ground in my style vocabulary. I can't seem to dress casually AND stylishly.

I guess that's why I've always preferred to overdress for jobs/events/outings in my adult life - I just don't know how to do anything else! Last week's "Dressed-up Denim" challenge started opening my eyes up to that fact, and these past few days have solidified it. The whole wide world of casual dressing is a big black hole in my personal style.

Maybe it's my body type; maybe it's my preference for femininity and elegance; maybe it's my handicap when it comes to layering; maybe (and probably) it's some strange restriction I've seemed to impose on matching colors (something I've just recently realized). I MUST BRANCH OUT! Thanks to this blog, I know I'm trying - and I'm proud of a number of outfits featured here where I felt like I did it successfully - but I want to do better. In the end, it is the one area of my style that I truly want to change. It's important that I do it, however, in a way that doesn't involve spending (more) money at the mall. When I say I want to shop in my closet, that's exactly what I want (need) to shop in my closet for.

It's becoming painfully obvious that this is something I cannot do the morning before I go to work. I think it's time to spend a weekend in my closet, and really looking through my favorite blogs for inspiration that still speaks to my personal style and existing wardrobe. I know this is what all the successful bloggers say to do. I just need to find some time, the frame of mind, a good drink, and maybe even a good friend, to do it with.

Do any of you experience similar woes, or have similar desires to change something about your personal style? Do you even have or want a "personal style"? Where do you go or what do you do for inspiration?


  1. With you. Both business casual and everyday casual are my weak spots. I know how to suit up and I'm good to go to the mountains or hiking, but I need more ideas for the throwing something on for the weekend. Let me know what you find in your closet. You are welcome to come and help me with mine in Colorado anytime.

  2. In many ways, I feel the same way! I can come up with a million 'lady-like' matchy-matchy outfits involving a dress or skirt, but when it comes to casual, everyday wear, I'm stumped, and that's not good, because overall, my life is very casual!

    I know part of it IS my body type. I really dislike the way I look in jeans, which seems to be such a staple for casual wear around here. And when I wear a dress or skirt to casual events, I usually get asked a lot why I'm so dressed up.

  3. I have trouble with casual too. I either come out too well put together, or (shivers) "frumpy". In the summer I lean hard on comfy-cute dresses and flat sandals. The trouble is, that’s not convenient for a lot - say, shopping. In the winter I get by with skinny jeans and boots - whew! Of course, that’s not great for shoe and clothes shopping either…


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