Sunday, October 3, 2010

It's a Wrap!

Ah, the wrap dress. What an ingenious invention! Thank you, Diane von Furstenberg....

This outfit is apparently almost entirely brought to you by Banana Republic. (I had just realized this when I was writing the outfit descriptions.)  This is kind of a faux-wrap, since the skirt is fully enclosed, but the bodice is still adjustable at the waist, which is where you want it adjustable anyway.  So, no fears of the skirt blowing open to reveal my ladyparts! Hurray for hassle-free! Well, except for the neckline. Thanks to the girls, I fussed with covering my cleavage most of the day.  I had used clothing tape at first, but that wasn't holding very well.  And I didn't want to wear a camisole because it would add extra bulk underneath and ruin the line of the dress. In the end I pinned it, which solved most of the problems. I don't love pinning clothes, however - I hate to make unnecessary holes, and you can just tell that it's pinned by the weird pulling that results.  But, it was the best option in this case.

Grey 3/4 sleeve faux-wrap dress - Banana Republic
I'm still playing with difference between inside/outside pictures, and hopefully trying to improve the ones I take indoors...

It's a great dress though - fantastic material, lays beautifully, great length, great details in the neck (a somewhat mandarin collar) and the shoulders (a slightly gathered sleeve).  It's one of the BR staples, and they've added it in purple for the fall.  I highly recommend it if you're looking for an all-occasions dress!

I kept my accessories and the overall ensemble rather minimalistic since Friday's event was a very conservative one - not the time to be making fashion statements. I wrestled with adding a pop of color somewhere, whether in accessories/shoes/camisole, but I decided to keep things subtle, choosing gold/ivory accessories to add a twist to the grey, rather than silver - which might have been a propensity.  I LOVE browns/tans with greys.  I was inspired by the combination from an old What Not to Wear episode, and I've loved it ever since.  I really do feel its a sophisticated pairing of neutrals.

Nude heels - Nine West (via
Gold polygon necklace - Banana Republic /
Smokey quartz earrings and bracelet - Banana Republic
What it probably actually came down to was the fact that I really wanted to wear this bracelet. It's one of my favorites, but I don't get to wear it that often because I always have trouble pairing a necklace with it.  Once I put it on, I knew I must wear it with this dress, so it won out.  I even thought I might go without a necklace, since the neckline could speak for itself, but I did want something to fill the space in the end. The necklace is actually a single strand that I doubled up. I thought it played well with the bracelet/earrings without overwhelming them.

Yes, this was Friday. Today is Sunday.  I am, once again, behind.  I'm about to get ready for work in a minute - yep, Sunday night - so I'll have another post for you later (or tomorrow, at this rate!)

Thanks for reading! =)


  1. Last year when I was whining about a wrap dress that needed a cami but it was too hot to wear one someone told me about these little lace things. It's basically a tiny lace tube you slide over your bra and hook it to your bra straps and it gives you a peekaboo lace. I got mine at target in the section where they have like bra straps and boob stickers in little boxes. I think the box was purple and white. But it totally solves the tape and pinning situation

  2. awesome! thanks for the tip, hilary!

  3. Hi Jessica! Just wanted to pop over and say thanks for commenting on our blog, and that you look GREAT! I love/hate the wrap dress for the very reasons you mention-- they look fantastic if they'd just sit still! I almost always have to wear a cami, but I do have a few that I've cut off just under the bustline so they don't bunch/gather on my midsection.

    I think the nude pointy heels also do a great job of elongating your legs here, which I think is a great strategy when wearing a dress that falls just below the knee (as opposed to just above).

    And I love your hair!


  4. Gorgeous outfit! The dress fits you beautifully, and I adore those shoes!

    And still snickering from your use of the term 'ladyparts'!

  5. I just found you via Natalie at 'when life hands you a pear'. I am so enjoying your blog and style :-)


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