Wednesday, October 20, 2010

An Ode to the Colon: Titles Are Hard

I like how coming up with witty post titles is something of a mind-bending challenge. But it's hard, man - especially if you're doing this day after day. It makes me think about papers from college and grad school, where writing the perfect title seemed to be more difficult than writing the paper itself. (Or maybe that was just another form of procrastination.) And, of course, there was the ubiquitous colon somewhere in the title. I think all us academics out there might agree that there seems to be some kind of unwritten rule that requires paper titles to incorporate a colon, especially in grad school - and even more so with master's theses or dissertations. Don't you worry - BOTH of mine did, do...did.*

But it is justifiably hard. The goal is to reduce your entire tome to a pithy but all-encompassing phrase, leaving your potential reader's curiousity piqued. It's no wonder that nearly every blog I read gives up entirely once in awhile, and they say so! Here's to universal problems....  Ooh, but now I have a title!

It was upwards of 70 today, friends. It's nearing the end of October. It's gorgeous and I'm thankful - don't get me wrong - but I was nearly overheating in my funnel-neck sweater and boots today. On the flip side, I worry about what the deep of Illinois winter is going to look and feel like come February. It will either be warmer all around or the coldest effing winter we've ever had. I'll not complain!

I do love this sweater, though. It was time to break it out, anyway. What's great about it is that it can be a handy transition piece with its elbow-length sleeves and all - wear it with or without a long sleeve tee underneath! It's got great structure, a good length, and it's made out of beautiful marino wool. Works fabulously with a pencil skirt, as well (surprise surprise). Would you be shocked to learn I have it brown, too? Probably not. This color is a great rustic orange that I think in general made me reconsider orange as a viable color option for my wardrobe. (Although my BF informed me while taking pictures that he calls this sweater my Paddington Bear sweater. =P)  I remember lusting after this sweater a few Falls ago on the Banana Republic website - I was also working there at the time. Our store didn't carry it of course, but it was seemingly such a hot item that, when I wore it to work, a least 3 people asked me where it was in the store. I broke hearts that day. I don't know what I do without online shopping. 

Sweater - Banana Republic / Beige cami - Banana Republic / Flare-leg jeans - Lane Braynt / Boots - CL by Chinese Laundry / Big wooden loop earrings - Dress Barn / Furla, you will be mine...

The online pictures of this sweater accessorized it with a big chunky necklace. The necklace was already sold out before I could get my hands on it, and every similar style of necklace I've tried since then never seems to work quite right. So I tend to go uber chunky with the earrings and go without a necklace. Any suggestions, though?

I'm playing volleyball tonight! First time in quite a few weeks, actually. Our team got t-shirts. I hate t-shirts. I don't even wear t-shirts to bed. From the unflattering collar and sleeves to its overall shapelessness, not to mention the inevitable uni-boob from my sports bra, it's not doing me any favors. But, I'll grin and bear it. All in the name of TEAM! Or something.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

* For the inquiring minds out there, my master's thesis was entitled " 'Pagan-Religious Merry-Making': The Program of Rimsky-Korsakov's Svetlyi Prazdnik." The current working title of my dissertation is " 'I Have No Country": The Music of Sergei Rakhmaninov and the Burden of National Identity." Hmm, I just realized that I seem to like quotations to form that first part of my title....

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  1. I love the coat! I love that you called it your Paddington Bear coat. I loved Paddington Bear, but I wouldn't even have seen the resemblance until you said

    It looks super cute on you and I agree about the t-shirt thing. I have been wearing them lately to work on the house because I don't mind them getting paint all over but they are one frustratingly boring fashion piece. Good Luck on your game!

    Curvy With A Side Of Confidence


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