Thursday, October 28, 2010

Instead of a Hoodie

So I'm trying to improve my poses. I try not smiling, gazing off camera, doing different things with my limbs - but often, I just look weird - and those pictures never make the cut. I tried a few poses tonight sans smile, but I look mean, or worse, constipated! =P I guess I'm just not as comfortable in front of the camera as I could be. I do want to continue improving my photos, though, especially since it seems like something of a requirement for a good blog. Practice makes perfect, I guess!

Today's outfit was yet again one in which I felt pretty blah for most of the day. I had considered just copping out entirely and wearing an Illini hoodie and tennies, but I thought I could try a little harder with a cozy cowl-neck sweater and flats instead.

Striped cowl-neck sweater - Gap / Brown long sleeve tee - LOFT  / Wide-leg jeans - Gap / Brown  mary-jane flats 

I have to admit that I was not confident that this look was terribly flattering, and I was thisclose to not even taking pictures, from taking a day off from posting. But the BF convinced me otherwise. And, yet again, my pictures (and finding ways to hold my posture that ARE flattering) convince me that not all is not lost when I opt for flats, jeans and a big sweater. =)

I'm starting to think this blog is all about affirmations... Hmm, maybe I should rename it...=7

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  1. I, too, have had to resign myself to the fact that I look like a dork whenever I try to "pose." A straightforward smile is never a bad option. :) And I love your outfit here!


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