Friday, October 8, 2010


In the interest of my previous post, I'd still like to post pictures from the past two days. Let's call it accountability. And, more than anything, I welcome suggestions from my readers!

Watercolor print top - Anthropologie / Blue open cardigan sweater - Willi Smith (TJ Maxx) / Dark skinnies - Gap / Black buckle wedges - LOFT

This was Thursday's outfit. Skinny jeans, wedges, fun printed top, cardigan sweater. Pretty basic, really (and the top is doing all the work). I actually felt super self-conscious in the skinny jeans all day, but the more I think about it, the sweater - which does nothing for my shape - was probably the downfall of the outfit. I wanted to adhere to the skinny jean maxim of keeping the top voluminous, but something doesn't seem right. Ironically, I bought this cardigan specifically to wear with this top; I rarely wear either item with anything else. Time for a remix! What recommendations might you have to spruce this up a bit? Make it not only more flattering, but a little more multi-dimensional?

I was bored and uncomfortable in this outfit yesterday; neither good things - especially for my self-esteem. I wanted to try a little harder today, so I opted for a denim pencil skirt with more casual combination that I've worn before.

Military green cropped jacket - Maurice's / Pink camouflage tee - Maurice's / Denim pencil skirt - Rafaella (via TJ Maxx) / Wite strappy sandals - Payless

I felt a little more fun in this outfit - a little more "me." Great fall colors, a little pattern, comfy cropped jacket, military vibe, pencil skirt. But if I'm being honest with myself (and that's the whole point), I don't think this combination is doing me any favors, either - something about the proportions seem off. What I like about the look is the layering, a certain youthfulness it has, and its wee bit of edginess (thanks to the jacket) combined with femininity (pink camoflage! pencil skirt!), but I need to bring that all into focus for my shape. Grr, if I'm being REALLY honest, I probably just need a better fitting (and slightly longer) denim pencil skirt. (That hunt has been going on for a while, though.) How I can bring a little more edge into an otherwise feminine look, while still being figure flattering?

Thanks for reading!


  1. Sister, I think you're ROCKIN this look! It certainly is all about how you feel in it, though... I still think you look great, and this is totally a style I'd want to try to rock.

  2. My first comment was on the pencil skirt combo, btw. I DO like the first one, too, though! Would a belt help anything? Or a long necklace? I don't know, I'm clueless when it comes to style, that's why I have you!!

  3. Honestly, I struggle so much with skinny jeans myself, I have no advice, but I think your outfit is beautiful!

    And I really like the second outfit too. Is the skirt too short when you sit down? Because the length really looks fine in the photo. Maybe you could add some edgier shoes to toughen up the look a little?

  4. You look fantastic. I wonder about a blazer with the skinny jeans. But mostly I just admire you for wearing the skinny jeans. I haven't even had the nerve to look for any in my size.


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