Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I think I'm getting a little burnt out at work, and my body is starting to revolt. I didn't go in until the mid-afternoon because I wasn't feeling great, also knowing that I had a late night of performances ahead of me. The extra sleep helped, but there must be something else going on. Ever since the season began last month, I feel like the job is taking more effort than usual and I can't seem to keep up. I'm waiting for the moment where everything (body, mind, job, relationships, finances, schedule, weight, etc., etc.) magically clicks back into place. Magic is real, right? =7

Today, therefore, was going to be a pants day. I might even go so far as to declare the rest of the week pants week. Skirts just felt too high maintenance for me today, so maybe I'm copping out? (Meh.) I had originally planed to don a simple pant and sweater combo, but I moved that outfit to tomorrow since it's going to be a early day and I'll want to be able to rely on easy pieces. Ironically enough, today's outfit has proved possibly even more high maintenance than a skirt might have been. Thank you, fussy top and large bosoms.

Grosgrain trim cardigan - LOFT / Spotted tiered shell - LOFT / brown wide-leg pants - NY&Co / Mauve double-wrap belt - LOFT / Nude "Booboo" heels - Nine West (via / Silver necklace - LOFT
I'd also been dying to wear this outfit (which I featured in my "recent acquisitions" post). I love its mixture of patterns and textures and colors - spots, ruffles, grosgrain; grey, brown, pink. It's definitely a thinking-outside-of-the-box combination for me, but I've come to love the depth and visual interest mixed patterns lend an outfit, and it's something I want to try to do more of. I paired it with a favorite bag of mine in a rich wine color, adding even more depth of color.

Tano "Homemade Cake" in Bordeaux

But, it was a fussy little sucker. The double-wrap belt was actually not much of a problem - it was pretty secure and sat at the right place for the most of the day. It was the top that played the foil. As a trick, since I wasn't going to button the sweater, I secured the cardigan with clothing tape so it would sit on my chest properly - that is, without falling off to the side and making them look huge(r). (This is definitely a problem for the large-chested when wearing cardigans this way. I used this trick the last time I belted an open cardigan, too.) The cardigan stayed put, actually, but the slinky, tiered shell - now taped to the cardigan - kept shifting around and making me look all lop-sided. The shirt's layers also got stuck between the belt and/or the cardigan, causing them to stick out here and there. Thankfully, there's a full-length mirror outside my office, so I was able to adjust whenever needed (which seemed to be rather often). Next time I wear the outfit, though (and I do think I'll wear it again), I'll be sure to secure the top as well.


  1. Love, love LOVE this outfit! I want!!! Without the annoyances, of course...

  2. Great outfit! I love the double belt...must get one for myself. You look fantastic!

  3. Love your style!! (and your hair!) keep it up :)


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