Sunday, October 17, 2010

Rewind: Thursday

Ah! I'm so behind! Things were pretty darn busy for me last week as I headed into the weekend, for which I can probably thank a unorthodox theater production. Nothing like throwing front-of-house procedures into a tail spin to keep me busy (read: frantic)! But, I think my staff all got the message, and we closed the first week with most things running pretty smoothly. Nevertheless, it took all my time and energy to get to that point!

Even though I haven't been able to post for the past few days, I did at least take outfit pictures each day. Now that I have a little time (thank you Sunday!) I can finally update!

So I guess I last left off on Thursday... Thursday evening's headliner performance promised to be a pretty big deal, kicking off a busy weekend with the usual pizazz. I went back and forth between outfits for Thursday and Friday (which night would be was bigger? which merited my best outfit?), with my beautiful cobalt Furla continuing to dictate what I would wear. I settled on a pencil skirt number, but I wanted to do something different than the cardigan and belt combo that I tend to gravitate toward. A recent Stylish Curves post recommended pairing a billowy top with a pencil skirt in order to add whimsy to what can sometimes be a stuffy look. (Though, I don't think I'd call anything I do with pencil skirts stuffy. You'll see no white button-ups and jackets from me!) I had this colorful, blousey Banana Republic top since the summer, but I hadn't worn it much because it was so billowy, and I really didn't know how to style it. After reading Savonne's post, I immediately thought of this top. Though its color palate reads spring, I thought I'd nevertheless try to autumnify it...

I first tucked the top as suggested, and though I liked how it made my upper half look, it completely threw off my proportions, even making me look overly hippy. I then untucked it, knowing that option would require a belt, and certainly a wide one at that. I wasn't crazy about this iteration, but then I added my new taupe boots (the fall-factor!) and it all of sudden came together perfectly. (I don't think pumps would have worked as well here.)  I gotta say that I love this look - from the boots to the blousey sleeves and, most of all, that bag! It's both fresh and ultra-feminine. All things I love...

Blouse - Banana Republic / Pencil  skirt -NY&Co / Wide belt - Banana Republic / Taupe stretch  boots - Impo (via DSW) / Silver flat-hammered ring - The Limited / Cobalt Blue bag - Furla (via Avelle)

The BF, who is now taking my pictures with our little digital point-and-shoot when he comes home from work (it goes SO much faster than using the tripod, and the pictures tend to look much better), commented that he loves the windy-hair look, and thinks I need more of them...


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! You look amazing!

  2. Super awesome outfit. You look so classy and sassy!

  3. Hey, just saw this. Thanks for readingt he blog and linking the post. You look great!


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