Sunday, October 17, 2010


I went to a wedding out of town yesterday, which itself was a feat because I really didn't know if I could justify getting away from work to go. But, I could - and truth be told, I needed to (for my own sanity) - and I was glad I did. It was, however, the WORST planned trip my BF and I have ever went on. In fact, there was NO planning, which meant that fighting, screaming in the car, grumpy faces, unwilling favors, and even potential break-ups were at an all-time high. We did get home safely, though - but not until 3am after a 4 hour drive with not nearly enough caffeine. Ugh!

But the wedding was lovely, and I got to spend time with old grad school friends whom I miss terribly. I don't say it enough, or probably at all, but I do. I miss having girl friends in general, actually - and the lack of them in my life is more my fault and the walls I build around me. It's something I'm trying to remedy, but old habits (and even older wounds) die hard...and heal even slower... I think I really just need a few girl friends who I can bitch about the BF to, especially when he and I seem close to breaking up over his horrible driving. =7

As for the outfit, I pulled out a dress I hadn't worn in awhile (I was VERY proud of myself for not thinking I needed to buy something new) and I was SO happy to find that it still fit like a glove. (My weight has fluctuated a LOT this year....)

Double-knit origami dress - Banana Republic
I thought burgundy was a perfect color for a fall wedding, and it was still warm enough outside to warrant the cap sleeves. I LOVE the architectural detail of this dress, though I have to admit that the folds at my waist tend to make me look just a smidge preggers from the side. But I did not care. The dress is just so "me." (I have it black, too...) The fact that it's a double knit made it GREAT for the 4 hour car ride, too - not a single worry about it wrinkling!

I actually changed my shoes into a navy blue faux-suede platform pump nce I got to the wedding. (Yes, I brought two pairs because I just couldn't decide!) I initially thought the dark blue color made the look just a little less matchy-matchy (though they did match my manicure), but after I saw our initial pictures, they just made my legs look unbearably pale (well, they are, but I don't want to emphasize that), and they also seemed a little too dark for the overall color scheme. And more importantly, the were too big and kept slipping off my heel. Annoying! Glad I still brought along these beautiful shoes!

Metallic burgundy pumps - Charles by Charles David (via Zappos) / Dot clutch - Lodis

I normally wear silver with this dress, but I'm loving gold accessories lately, so I went that route instead. I love these colors together! They make for a very warm, luxe look. (The necklace is a single strand doubled.)

Gold angle/flower earrings - Banana Republic / Gold ring - Banana republic / Gold/burgundy stone necklace - The Limited

This picture was taken later in the night, so my eye make-up is all smudged and (oops) my black bra is peeking through... We'll blame the picture angle. Note to self - wear a full plunge bra next time.

Congratulations Ann and Kamran! Thanks for inviting us! I only wish we could have stayed longer. Next time, perhaps BF and I will actually plan such a trip....


  1. That photo may of been taken at the end of the night but you look amazing there! I dig the eye makeup there a lot!

  2. Love this dress on you! The shape, the look GREAT!

  3. It was so great to see you! Thank you for risking life, limb, and your relationship to come to the wedding. And you looked absolutely fabulous - the pics hardly do you justice.

    And it seems to me you're doing a great job reaching out to your girlfriends with your blogging. I for one am loving it. Good luck with your event!


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