Sunday, September 19, 2010

Not Without a Deal

Remember that thing I said about being a shopoholic? Yeah....

Recent Acquistions

1. LOFT 3/4 Sleeve Cardigan with Bow - I picked up this cardi to wear with #2, but I also found that it goes beautifully with the LB skirt (#4).  Plus the bow detail is just terribly cute.
2. LOFT Leopard Spots Bubble Hem Shell - I'd been eyeing this in the store and online, but needed something to layer over it, especially considering the cooler months ahead! After scourging the store, I found the bow cardigan above (#1) which I thought might be a good pairing.  It's in a similar color family as the shell, but offering a different texture and shade.  I think both pieces would go well with denim for a more casual feel, but also easily paired with a pencil skirt, such as #3.
3. New York & Company Suiting Pencil Skirt, Hummus - I love a pencil skirt, and given the fact that these are at a GREAT price point, I picked up a few in other colors they were offering. (And because I've gone up a size and don't fit into the pencil skirts I currently have.) The pairing options in my closet will be endless!
4. Lane Bryant Ponte knit pencil skirt - Bombshell Beauty's recent acquisition of this skirt flagged it in the back of my mind.  Well, it happened to be in my size at my Lane Bryant, so I gave it a whirl.  I love it! It hits me perfectly at my knees and, again at BB's suggestion, I can't wait to try it with graphic tees and a jacket for an edgy look.  As I said above, too, it will pair beautifully with the Bow Cardigan (#1) and a nice white camisole for a more feminine look.
5. LOFT Striped Sweater with Corsage - I tried this on a few weeks ago, but I didn't want to take the plunge because I didn't know how often I would wear it. When I decided I wanted to try the Audrey Hepburn look, this sweater immediately popped in my mind.  I actually wore my skinny jeans and flats to the store so I could see the whole outfit on me right away. Well, I think it's going to work! It also helped that LOFT was offering a Buy 1 Get 1 50% off Sweater deal...  I think I'd also wear this with a nice pair of jeans or with a light pair of pants. I know these are not terribly interesting combinations, but at least it gives me 3 outfit options!  We'll see if I actually wear the outfit that inspired this purchase, though. If not, it's going back!
6. LOFT Grosgrain Trim Cardigan - I purchased this mainly to layer with yet another shell - #7...
7. LOFT Spotted Multi Tier Shell - I love the pattern on this shell almost as much as the leopard spots bubble shell (#2). When I decided to try it with the Grosgrain trim cardi (#6), I thought I hit gold. Even the sales associated commented enthusiastically on the pairing! The rose, ivory and charcoal pair so nicely together, especially with the fall in mind. I needed a belt with it to help define my waist, so I purchased #8!  This combination can easily be worn with any number of bottoms, like #9, skinny jeans and boots, or a pair of wide-leg pants. I plan to try them all!
8. LOFT Double Wrap Suede Skinny Belt
9. New York & Company Suiting Pencil Skirt, Mountain Brown

Whew! I did some damage. (Hope the BF doesn't read this post!)  Thanks to LB's Real Women $$s, ATL's MULTIPLE discount offers going on over the past couple weeks (40% off full-priced items, Savings Cards, and Buy 1 Get 1 Sweaters), and NY&C coupons, I got some GREAT deals, though!

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  1. K, I want to hire you to be my personal shopper! Can you buy too?! ;) J/K but I LOVE everything!!

    Have I mentioned how adorable you are yet?


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