Sunday, September 26, 2010

It's Not Easy Being Green

The catch-up continues!

I only worked a half-day on Friday, though that still seemed too long. I wanted to be cute but comfortable, so I pulled out an old favorite. And, I still got to wear green!

Green Grecian maxi-dress - Banana Repubic (via eBay) / Cropped denim jacket - Theory (via eBay) / 
White scoop neck tee - Old Navy / Gold t-strap sandals - Moda Spana (

I've had this fabulously Grecian green maxi dress from Banana Republic since last summer (purchased for a steal through eBay).  I happily wore it a few times, but soon realized that the dress was going to need a few alterations in the straps and the length.  I put it away for the fall, thinking that I'd take it to a tailor in the off-season.  Not surprisingly, I didn't.  This year's warmer months kept reminding me about this dress - a closet favorite that I had relegated to a distant memory as a result of my procrastination.  Well, I finally took it to a tailor a few weeks ago, just in time to wear one more time before putting it away again.

I love this dress. The empire waist, the wrapped spaghetti straps, the vibrant green color, the scoop neck, and its pleated neckline make it such a unique piece that flatters my body well.  I tend to wear this cropped jean jacket with the dress, but I've also layered a short-sleeved white scoop tee underneath the dress to wear it sans jacket if I want.  The material is an ever-so-soft modal cotton that drapes nicely over my curves and feels like pajamas.

Jewelry: Earrings - The Limited / Sterling silver necklace - Kohl's

That evening we went out with good friends of ours, who will soon be leaving our humble little land of Chambana. I felt this outfit was just a wee too daytime, so I changed it up for a rocker Friday night look - black jacket, an embellished tee, skinny jeans (woot!) and smokin' wedges. (Sorry, no outfit pics for this one, though!)

Friday Night Out

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