Saturday, September 25, 2010

It's not all Black and White - or Is It?

I'm so behind! Here I go and send invites to friends to check out this little blog of mine, and then...nothing...for three days. Oops!  My apologies! As you can probably guess, work has been keeping me busy - especially Thursday night. (I have to watch Project Runway yet!) Last night (Friday) we went out with friends, one of whom is leaving for Turkey on a Fulbright - whenever his visa arrives, anyway.  More on that later, though...

I DID manage to take pictures at least, so once again I get to play the game of catch-up.  I'll have to work later (yes, another Saturday night), but in the meantime I'll kick back and relax with a little blogging, maybe with a little must-see-TV in the background.

Thursday was a long day.  At work by 9am (via bus, mind you), home around 11:30pm. Ugh. Long day. Though I didn't get much sleep, I was surprisingly perky that morning, even allowing myself enough time for a 30 minute phone shoot! I know - impressive, right? But, I was toast by around 7pm, and the evening show had not even gone up yet. By 8pm or so I became downright loopy, especially with my staff. Probably borderline inappropriate, too.

Black & white wrap skirt - Lane Bryant / White ruffle trim tank - Banana Republic / Black open cardigan - Maurices / Black open-toed shoes - Banana Republic / Long silver necklace - Anthropologie via eBay
This outfit is the second black and white combo I've worn this week. (The first was the screen tee/print skirt combo from Tuesday.) Wearing so little color is unlike me.  Not that I try to wear the rainbow every day, but I generally try to incorporate a decent amount of color - maybe 3 shades or so - in every outfit.  You'll notice, too, that red is the accent in both black and white outfits! I tried other accent colors, but they just didn't stand up to the strong contrast of black and white.

The skirt is a true wrap skirt - as in, completely open flappage if I'm not careful. And it was super windy that day, so, yeah... Sure, you can use clothing tape or a pin, but that only works when standing.  When sitting, forget about it. I just kept my legs under my desk all day in order not to flash my whole office. I'm not really sure how successful that was...

I also have this skirt in a green print - a lovely springy shade of green. Considering the fact that it was still so warm this week (90s!!), I wanted to wear the green one more time since I knew it would soon be blatantly out of season - and because I just wanted more color. But, I opted for black, in part because I hadn't worn this one yet and in part because that's what the BF insisted upon.  (This is itself odd, because I rarely listen to him.)  Needing SOME color, I added the red belt.  I should have known better, though, because I ended up fussing with it all day and eventually just took it off - so there went my pop of color! I also added some cute little red earrings, and I kept the rest of my accessories silver.

Red earrings - LOFT / Silver bangles - NY&Co / Sterling silver flower ring - TJ Maxx

All complaints aside, tough, I liked how I looked!  Will try to avoid black and whites for awhile though...


  1. Bus? We should exchange cell #s. I take Springfield in everyday.

    ps I like this outfit but I saw you early in the day and you were still being appropriate (:

  2. Ha... I just bought this skirt on Ebay and once i got it, I just couldnt think of what to wear it with... GOT IT now!!


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