Monday, September 20, 2010

Cop-out, or Wishlists Galore

I'll go ahead and ask it. Why do Mondays have to be so hard? Between not sleeping well at all, having to go in to work early to approve payroll, and needing to crank out next month's staff schedule, I'm lucky I even managed to do my hair - and even that was half-assed. Yep, I hate to admit it, but I took a day off from looking my best. So, I send my apologies out into the blogisphere; there will be no outfit pictures today. Cuffed jeans, a nautical inspired short-sleeve hoodie (which is actually rather fun - maybe I'll just include a picture of that), and basic sandals were all I could muster today. I think I looked passably cute for my casual office and a quiet, but busy Monday, but nothing worth spending hours taking and editing perfect pictures for this lttle blog of mine.  =7


Notice my look of surprise that this came out half-way decent!

But, I do love me some Polyvore, so I thought I'd compile my wishlist(s) for the fall! I mean, you gotta look at something more than that. Those stripes make a girl dizzy...

Wishlist 1: Black boots, black flats and a hot pair of red pumps.  Every girl has to have them!

Wishlist 1: Shoes

Nine West Women's Escher Pump
$79 -

Wishlist 2: The ever-versatile shirt dress, uber cute plaid, a flowy feminine top in a luscious color, a dainty cuff, and taupe boot (a neutral that will go with EVERYTHING!) Also eying the Impo Nyla Stretch Boot in Taupe or the Jones New York Florentine Boot in Taupe).

Wish List 2: Neutrals
$88 -
Plaid blouse »

Lustrous Lavaliere Top
$88 -
Oversized tee »

Nine West: Onthemoon
$179 -

Wish List 3: Because I want to be Christina Hendricks in Mad Men. Or, I am. I'm currently building this collection as we speak - just waiting to take the plunge on the 2 tops... 

Wish List 3: 40's Throwback
$68 -
Tops »

Whirl & Wind Cardigan
$88 -
Cotton cardigan »

$25 -

Wish List 4: Because you never have too many cute dresses. That Anthropologie dress would be fantastic with a white oxford underneath. And we already know how I feel about pencil skirts - I'm wanting one in navy or a navy pinstripe to go with a top I already have.  And the handbag - well, I'm a Tano FIEND. I want this style in either charcoal or blue.

Wish List 4: More Neutrals

In the Navy Skirt - IGIGI
$62 -

Doubly Adorned Dress
$70 -
Bib dress »

Tano Minilisa - Must Have Bag
$239 -

What's on YOUR fall wishlist?


  1. This may be the most dangerous blog I follow... as it's taken years for me to tame down my love of shopping. At the same time, it's totally inspiring my need to kick it up a notch at work, like I did when I first started working there... you do have the added bonus/inspiration of people other than co-workers seeing you.

    Love your blog, don't stop!

  2. I love your blog, Jessica! Keep it up! I've been thinking lately that I need some serious wardrobe help. Now I just want you to take me shopping. Seriously, I will pay you. But I totally love your links and suggestions, it's already opened my eyes to new possibilities!

    And seriously, I will pay you for some wardrobe help. :)

    And the word verification I'm seeing is "boos", which means "kiss" in Farsi. :)

  3. thanks to you both, ladies!

    ann - I'd be thrilled to help with your wardrobe! we can call it a wedding present? lol. can't wait to see you in a few weeks!


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