Tuesday, September 14, 2010

An 'E' for Effort

This was not a good day to start broadcasting my outfits, methinks.  I felt like I was hit by a bus when I woke up, and it was gloomy outside to boot. I loathed getting up, not to mention the idea of having to do anything with myself today, but I convinced myself I had to put in some effort lest I completely contradict the entire premise of this blog. Three outfits later - with the remains still splayed all over my bed - I resigned myself that today was not going to my best styling effort. I hate to be such a bummer in only my second post (!), but we all have these days, right?!? I shall also blame PMS...

It also doesn't help that, like most of the Midwest, we are in-between seasons here.  Last week was gorgeous mid-60s to low-70s weather that allowed you to start experimenting with layers again. This week we're back to mid-80s and muggy. I think I speak for a lot of people that I just want cooler temps to come and stay! It really does make it awful to dress.  I'm so over my summery dresses, but I just can't fathom boots and long sleeves yet... Though, if this weather continues much longer, I'll just say "screw it" and deal with overheating myself. Beauty is pain, eh?

In the end, I threw on a generally reliable, cute summer knit strapless dress in a lovely peachy color that looks fab with my complexion. Paired with a cropped (read: too small) jean jacket, a little fun jewelry, some gold t-strap sandals, and an iced coffee with almond milk (a new addiction), I called it a day.

I experimented with taking photos on my own this morning, since the BF had long gone to work, but I'm clearly not going to be able to get a good shot on my own. I'm either going to need to get a tripod or wait until the evening when he returns to take/post pics, as I had to do today (and that was quite an ordeal, lemme tell you).  Shopping on Amazon for one as soon as I post this...Any suggestions?  Must also continue to experiment with locations, lighting, and poses...

So here I am! (Sorry for the poor picture quality in the first one - I'm working on it.) Color and accessories shall be the stars today...

Strapless coral dress with beige stitching - Lane Bryant / Denim jacket - Theory, eBayed /
Gold t-strap sandals - Moda Spana, Endless

Gold "polygon" necklace - Banana Republic / Turquoise and gold "Epanema" ring - Banana Republic /
Coral earrings - LOFT

Tan handbag - Steve Madden "BCouture" Satchel in Peanut, Endless

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