Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dressed-Up Denim, Part 3

Fall really is here, and for that I am thankful. Rather than taking my lunch back to my office, I've allowed myself to sit outside for a bit at the cafe's outdoor veranda, just me and my thoughts (nope, not even my phone). It's only 15 minutes or so, but it is so...lovely... I used to work pretty regularly at this cafe when I was a grad student. I have vivid memories of working on Russian homework here, reading various musicology articles here, even working on an early (and crappy) version of my master's thesis here. (Where did all this nostalgia come from all of a sudden?)  I guess I miss some aspects of being a student, but don't most people in the "real world" at some point? Especially in the fall? The question of whether or not I'll ever go back to my dissertation still lingers over my head on days like these though...

Hmm, all this moodiness is much like the color I'm wearing today...purple (not blue, but not rosy, either =7). Again. I had planned this outfit a few days ago, even before I became conscious of the purple-ness of all my outfits, too. Ah, purple. I'll swear to think outside the color box for the next few days...

Military green tie jacket - LOFT / Wide-leg jeans - Gap / Purple tank - NY&Co
I didn't feel as fabulous in today's outfit (though I think today was just an all-around blah day for me). I don't think it was as successful in the "dressed-up denim" theme as I would have liked, which I primarily attribute to the lighter wash of the jeans. The flats here are pretty dressy - metallic, buckle, open-toe - so I did about as good I could there for a flat, methinks.

Metallic open-toe flats - LOFT
This is also one of the few outfits you'll see me pair with scarf. I wish I were a scarf person, I really do, but I can't ever get them to work with as many outfits as I'd like. I blame my bosoms for that one - I really don't need extra bulk there! Still, this is one of my favorites...

Purple print scarf - Banana Republic
Earrings - NY&Co
Still diggin' the outside pictures, at least! I'm pretty sure I overheard my neighbors puzzling over why some chick was posing in front of a camera out in the courtyard, though...


  1. Yes - it's "the girls" - I have the same problem. I am enjoying your blog!

  2. Dude, I love this one too! It's not super fashionable, but you're totally rockin it and I want it :) Love you sis!


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