Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dressed-Up Denim, Part 1

I've been thinking about how causal my workplace is during the day. We're talkin' a jeans and t-shirt kind of place (for the most part). Truth be told, a casual vibe emanates from the top, and it's felt in more than the way we dress. I don't mean to suggest that I have a problem with any of it - in fact, I love it; it's one of the things that makes the place so unique and vibrant - but I do get dressed lately (i.e. with my blog in mind) knowing that I'm probably going to stand out. But who are we kidding, here - I love that too. =D

This week, there are fewer performances; nothing, in fact, until Sunday night. (That's not entirely true - there's a big non-performance event on Friday, but that affects EVERYONE for once.) As a result, my week looks a little more like everyone else's, and my wardrobe choices are tamed down quite a bit, too - I'm simply not going to wear a dress or pencil skirt on the days there aren't performances. Some of you might reply with a "Why not?" and that does give me pause, but I guess I've noticed that I save my "best" outfits for performance nights. I mean, not every day can be a pencil skirt day (I just don't have THAT many!), especially in this casual work environment of mine. However, it does give me license to expand my dressy-casual wardrobe vocabulary, especially when I would usually just use the opportunity of a non-performance day to dress in flip flops, crops and a tee. No, even though that was short-lived, I don't want to continue that habit. I've said it before and I'll say it again - I have far too many clothes to wear that sort of uniform ever day! More importantly, a girl doesn't have to wear a pencil skirt to look her best every day, even if the girl does rock them... =)

All this brings me to today's outfit - dressed-up jeans.

 (Why do my cutest poses always come out so blurry?)
Beige suiting jacket - NY&Co / Eggplant sequin bib tee - LOFT / Boot-cut jeans - Lane Bryant /
Camel peep-toes - Banana Republic
While it would have been easy to go into work in jeans, tennies and a sweatshirt (especially after the weekend I had), I pulled together this number instead.  It's a pretty classic ensemble - suiting jacket worn as separates, jeans, and embellished tee. I feel pretty pulled together, yet totally comfortable at the same time. I do have to admit, though, that this seems a little too conservative for my usual style, even with the sequined bibbing on the front of the shirt. It's definitely the jacket that makes me feel more buttoned up than usual (and I preferred to keep it buttoned to define my waist), and since the top is plainly the focal piece, I was just somewhat at a loss (and with little time this morning) to experiment with other layering option that allowed it to be so. (Any suggestions?)  But, I went with it anyway - and I was even complimented on the look in line at a cafe!

It was chilly out this morning, which is another reason I required more substantial layering options. Yes, fall has definitely arrived! I even almost wore boots! But no, I'm not QUITE ready for socks yet...  I went with these comfy peep toes instead, even if I was reminded that it's time for a pedicure...

Because of the tee's embellishment as the neckline, I went without a necklace, but I took the opportunity to wear more playful earrings. I kept my ring toned down, too.

Earrings  - LOFT / Gold and enamel ring - Banana Republic
I think the rest of this week (until Friday, anyway) is officially dressed-up denim week for me. Stay tuned for what I pull together tomorrow!

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  1. I'm diggin this look a LOT, more so because it seems like something I could handle/afford, and the town I live in isn't exactly one known for it's fashion statements... I'm excited to get my new jacket to pair something like this with a sexy tee/tank! Can't wait to get my new wedges too :)

    You rock, sis! Gorgeous!!


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