Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Day of Catch-up

Today is Sunday. Today is a day of football and cleaning!  Both Friday and Saturday were relatively busy days for me, so not only was I unable to post, but I'm really only getting one day of the weekend off to boot.  But, the BF went up to Chicago, leaving me here in welcomed solitude to catch up things. I've been pretty productive so far!

Friday I did take a half-day, though (when you work most nights and weekends, the weekdays get to be a bit more flexible), and I went shopping with a friend of mine whose weight loss now totals 80 pounds!  Since she has a completely new body, and NOTHING in her closet for fall or winter, she asked if I'd help her shop - I was happy and excited to do it!  We had a blast and, 6 Real Women Dollars later (i.e. the best deal Lane Bryant offers), we walked out of there with oodles of new things for a slammin' deal. I get so much joy in styling other people, especially under life-changing circumstances like this.   

For Friday's work/shopping outfit, I went for a casual military vibe. When I first debuted this outfit a few weeks ago, one of my co-workers commented that I looked like I could beat someone up.  While that wasn't quite what I was going for, the vest  (esp. its belt) and boots definitely toughen up the look. [Sorry this is so blurry. Still getting a hang of the camera!]

off-white tee - LOFT
army green vest - Lane Bryant (providing the link so you can see its detail better)
dark skinny jeans - Gap
wood circle earrings - Maurices (?)
Boots - Guess, DSW
These boots are my absolute faves. For soft, buttery leather, easy-on zippers at the back and at the insole, a sexy but manageable heel, and a wide enough calf opening to not only fit my calves but JEANS too, I can't believe I scored the deal I did on them - 50% off at DSW this summer!  I have been looking for a pair of boots like this for YEARS!  They're the perfect companion for my skinny jeans. I also have a few dresses that I'm dying to pair them with for the fall.


I will say, however, that boots and skinny jeans are probably the WORST things to wear when shopping.  You need easy-off and on when trying on clothes, and this outfit was definitely not that. It was totally poor wardrobe planning on my part, even if I did look good. =)

Saturday was a big night of performances at work, probably the biggest since the season began. I didn't have to be at work until 4-ish, but there was a lot I wanted to accomplish during the day.  The BF and I started off our day at the Farmer's Market (a weekend ritual we LOVE, even though I was rather crabby - sorry sweetie), then I got ready for an afternoon of quick shopping before heading into work. 

I already knew what I was going to wear for work, but while playing around with a few outfit options for my errands, I happened upon this cute little number:

Purple embroidered top - Gordman's
dark skinny jeans (cuffed) - Gap
faux croc ballet flats - LOFT
I had been wanting to experiment wearing skinny jeans with flats, and I think this particular experiment was a success! I really like the whimsy of this look, imparted both by the top and those cute little shoes. I decided that I like the jeans best cuffed when worn with flats, offering a little more balance to my heavier thighs.


The top and accessories happen to be the same I was going to wear that night for work, so after swapping out the jeans for pants and the flats for heels, I was ready for work!

Purple embroidered top - Gordman's
Beige wide-leg pants - NY&Co
camel peep-toe shoes - Banana Republic

I have been dying to wear these earrings ever since I bought them on sale in the spring, but I could never quite work them into any outfits I wore. I'm thrilled that they finally found their match!  This close-up shows a little more detail of the top and accessories. 

chandelier earrings - LOFT
ring - Banana Republic

Next post: What I bought over the weekend and how I might style it all!


  1. Sister, I want all of your outfits! Your blog is wonderful and can't wait to read more! You kinda make me want to shop more... Darn you!!!

  2. I love, love, love your boots in the first couple of pictures! You look great Jessica!


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