Monday, September 27, 2010

Is It Still the Weekend?

What a day this has been. Since I worked on Saturday, I took off today, but somehow taking off days during the week, even to make up for a lost weekend, is always less satisfying.  I still get work emails with questions and issues and problems, and I can't seem to turn myself off from those.  The nice thing about true weekends is that the rest of the place is probably not at work either, so there is less - if anything - to respond to.  Performances, when they happen, are in-the-moment affairs, and any follow-up will usually take place on the next "business" day.  So, today, when the rest of the place is back in "business" mode and is following-up from a weekend of crazy performances, I'm still trying to recuperate from said weekend performances, and not-so-successfully trying to ignore said follow-up so that I can attempt to enjoy the rest of my "weekend."

All this is to say that today has been less relaxing than I would have liked.

So here I plunge into this blog post (which I had wanted to do much earlier today), not only to take my mind off of work once and for all, but also because it's overdue! Gah!

Since I'm "off" today (in more ways than one...), I'm comfortably lounging with a cup of French press-brewed coffee (Oaxaca!) in grey yoga pants, a white tank, and a soft pink hoodie; even though I showered, I'm not taking pictures. =P Yesterday, Sunday, the BF and I went out to watch the football game (we're Patriots fans, so the game is hardly ever broadcast on regular TV in IL), so I donned my women's cut Brady jersey, white long-sleeved tee layered underneath (it was chilly!), jeans and tennies. While I would never typically venture out past the bar/restaurant like this, I thought I was looking sporty and cute in my jersey, so I kept this outfit on even while out shopping for my sister's birthday presents. NOT my usual style AT ALL, but I'm okay with that. =)

Rewind back to Saturday, however, the day that has sent my whole weekend askew.  There's not much else I want to say about the day's activities itself anymore (especially since I just decided to cut it all out), except that, if I may say so myself, I looked smokin'... ; )

A good hair day, too!

Lilac bow cardigan - LOFT / white camisole - The Limited / Leopard print ponte knit skirt - Lane Bryant / Purple faux-croc pumps - Nine West
You might recall the Polyvore version of this outfit I suggested a few days ago after my recent shopping trip. I love this look.  I paired it with a low-heeled pump in a rich bordeaux color that nicely complemented the lighter purple of the cardigan. The print in the skirt, while not terribly noticeable from far away, injected a little more fun into the outfit. The bow detail at the top of the cardigan is just super cute, too, adding a nice amount of textural detail that does all the work for you.

Purple faux-croc low-heeled pumps - Nine West

Necklace - Lane Bryant or Limited (??)

I kept the jewerly more muted. The necklace is a double layer in pewter, silver and clear.  I thought it picked up the greys in  the skirt nicely. I wanted a bit more color in my accessories, but nothing too overwhelming, so I choose these funky chunky earrings in a light purple/clear, which I love. If you have a Ten Thousand Villages near you, GO. In addition to fun/funky/beautiful fair trade items sourced from various parts of the world, they have the BEST jewely (also fair-trade).  When I'm looking for something just a bit out of the norm but still stylish - especially for gifts - I go there.

Purple bulb earrings - Ten Thousand Villages
I did break down and wear nylons for this outfit though (I always wear the Spanx version so I don't have worry about a muffin top). Since I was wearing a closed-toe heel, and since it was going to be the first chilly day of the season (yay!), I thought it was time to break 'em out. Because of my wide feet, too, most shoes rub against my skin so uncomfortably that I have to take precautionary measures.  In the warmer months, I can usually rely on blister block for that, though.

My BF (who also worked that night) said that I was wearing a black cloud over my head as an additional accessory, which did slightly detract from the overall fabulousness of this look. I'm sure he was right.

Thanks to this blog, though, I'm slowly regaining my full sonsy self.  =)

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