Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Silver Lining

I had a hard time with the photography yesterday. It really shouldn't take 3 hours for a photo shoot, should it?!? I think I've just needed to get better acquainted with my digital point and shoot (Nikon Coolpix), so I've already started to see some improvement. I also have a tripod coming my way (thanks Amazon Prime!) so that will definitely help, especially since it will now allow me to take pics on my own in the morning daylight.

Today is a better day all around, though. It's Day 3 of this blog (Day 2 of my outfit diary) and already I'm thrilled by the results of "shopping in my own closet" and a newfound sense of styling creativity totally inspired by the countless other fantastic fashion blogs I've come across.

Today's outfit is brought to you by skinny jeans! More importantly, it's brought to you by my growing confidence of myself in skinny jeans. Wearing them has opened up all sorts of possibilities in my wardrobe that totally excite my styling juices. Sure, I'll don them with boots, but I had rarely worn them with a flat or wedge since I was always self-conscious of my thighs.  But, seeing so many other pics of fabulous looking curvy ladies rock them has helped me lay that aside... So here I am, complete with a little gladiator wedge, a layered/fuller top, a brightly colored bag, and an even brighter outlook.

Dark skinny jeans - Gap / Grey shrug/open cardigan - Maurices /
Royal blue printed shell - LOFT

Silver necklace - LOFT / Blue stone earrings - LOFT / Silver bracelets - NY&Co /
Sterling silver flower ring - TJ Maxx

Pewter gladiator wedges - Payless / Fuschia handbag - Gustto "Pavia", BBOS Private Sale

I think I'm ready to try my skinny jeans with a stripey top and cute flats ala the Audrey Hepburn look that is all over the fashion blogiverse right now...  stay tuned! =)

How do YOU feel best in your skinny jeans?

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  1. CUTE! Love the silver/navy combo and of course, your silver flower ring. You look great in the skinny jeans! (I'm not brave enough to try them myself...yet.)


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