Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sonsy is as Sonsy does

Well, here I am. After a few weeks of obsessively pouring over fashion blogs, discovering the endless wonder that is Polyvore, slowly coming to terms with my body-as-is, and forcing myself to shop in my own closet, I thought I'd throw one more blog out into the blogger void: Welcome to Surely Sonsy! The focus of this blog will be my fashion exploits as a curvy (read: sonsy) girl, as a working professional with a PhD on hold, as a budget-conscious/recovering shopoholic, and maybe just as a good-natured soul looking to reach out.

But, the art of the impeccably chosen wardrobe isn't the only thing ever on my mind. (It's only 72% of it, really...) This will also be a space for my musings, my concerns, my good intentions put down on record....I hope to shape my corner of the world with a little more clarity...

It's about feeling good because I look good and looking good because I feel good. It's about creativity and community. It's about having fun in my closet and sharing that with YOU.

I look forward to our conversations!

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  1. Love your attitude....looking forward to your outfits :-)


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