Saturday, December 18, 2010


You know those days when you don't realize how exhausted you are until you stop moving? Yeah, that was today. I gotta say, though, I like a day where 9 hours go by in a blink of a eye, even if I spent most of it running around. I got my work-out today, that's for sure! (Er, something I definitely need more of...)

Black and white checkered jacket - The Limited / Floral cardigan - LOFT /
Ivory camisole - LOFT / Turquoise skinny belt - The Limited / Black wide-leg pants - NY&Co. /  Black ankle length boots - Laundry by Chinese Laundry

As today was a super early morning for me (I rarely see this side of 7am for anything), I knew 1) my hair was going to go up, 2) I was going to need a latte (after I picked up bagels for my staff) and 3) I needed to find an (good) outfit the night before. And this was it! I'm really pleased with this remix of mine. What I like most about it is the pattern mixing/layering of the jacket and the cardigan, both of which, when worn separately, have significantly less pizazz. The pairing just adds so much more texture and depth to a potentially boring black pants ensemble. I added the belt for just a little more color to tie it all together (literally and figuratively, really).

My only regret - my shoe choice. Nine hours of running around calls for a much more comfortable pair of shoes, or at least a pair with Footpetals inserts. These boots were a failure on both counts, even though they were the right height and silhouette for the paints. Gotta pick your battles, eh?

Outtake! I should do more of these. Shoot, it's new pose, for cryin' out loud...

Re: the latte - I got it for free! The Starbucks barista (manager, actually), with whom I used to work at Banana Republic back in the day, not only recognized my voice through the drive-thru speaker, but told me the latte was on him today. You rock, Jason! Totally made my day. That, and my fabulous, fantastic, funny and hard-working staff that helped make an otherwise hard day of work relatively easy. Garsh, I'm all warm and fuzzy inside now.

I also just watched WALL-E so that might have had something to do with it, too. =)

Necklace and Earrings - LOFT

It's barely started to sink in that I have two weeks of holiday vacation bliss now ahead of me. What to do with myself? I think I'll wrap presents...


  1. Love this belted look! You look lovely in this outfit!

  2. I love your style! Nice look! I see you live in Champaign, IL - I have spent many days in Champaign - I grew up in small town south of there! Now I'm in Bloomington, IN.
    Have a great vacation & a Merry Christmas!

  3. thanks! it was definitely something new to me, but i'm glad i tried it!

  4. I love the combination of the print cardigan under the solid jacket -- I'm going to need to try that!


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