Thursday, December 2, 2010

"Blog" is for Backlog

Dear friends! I'm so sorry for disappearing into the blogiverse for so long. Thanksgiving vacation was a welcomed and glorious time, and I spent so much time unplugged (well, except for online gift shopping) that I've found it hard to get back into the blogger groove! But, I'm back, more or less - a few (or more) pounds heavier but a whole lot more relaxed. And guess what? I'm just 5 heavy performance days and 2 crazy commencements (in one day) away from an even more wonderful trifecta of celebrations at the end of the month (birthday, Christmas, New Years/6 year anniversary). But, I've a lot of catching up to do in the meantime!

Today was an early day, but one that went super fast thanks to back-to-back children's performances. And you know what finished off this relatively easy-going day? I got to meet the super sweet, lovely and stylish Tania from What Would a Nerd Wear. This blogiverse is a small one, friends! It was great not to only meet a fellow grad student (if I in some way still consider myself one), a fellow blogger (even if she is off-the-charts more established), and a fellow clothing-lover (period), it was wonderful just to befriend yet another amazing lady. I do hope we become fast friends!

Sadly, I was an idiot and didn't even think to bring my camera to capture the visit (see how out of the blogging habit I am?), but she did (looking terribly cute in one of her 30-for-30 outfits), so maybe I'll try to finagle the picture from her. In the meantime, the usual outfit pictures shall follow!

An early morning means the hair goes up. I fell back on this comfy and generally forgiving sweater dress that I haven't yet worn this season, paired with taupe boots and big, long jewelry. I'd been looking for ages for a good sweater dress - that is, one that isn't super short and horribly bulky - so this was a great find from Kohl's last winter. Scoop neck, three-quarter length sleeves, and hits just below the knee. Score!! I still want one in a cozy winter white or beige, but navy blue will do too  - especially if it's any indication that it's my most worn color label...

Blue sweater dress - Kohl's / Taupe boots - Impo (via DSW)  /
Necklaces (yes, 2!) - Lane Bryant and The Limited (I think) 

And the Christmas decor is up! I LOVE the holidays - the colors, the music, parties with family and friends, the warmth inside in contrast to the cold outside... I find myself staying up much later than normal these days, just to sit in my living room with nothing but the Christmas lights on. And to watch The Holiday, which I might watch every day until the new year.

Tan pleated handbag - Steve Madden (via

Earrings - New York & Co. (I think)

Well, thanks for sticking with me, friends! Get ready for a holiday-packed weekend of outfits and Nutcracker galore. And maybe even some catch up from the last few days...


  1. Your hair looks really polished and pretty up. I love it. And that dress is super flattering. Pretty girl!

  2. Great dress! Don't feel bad about a holiday hiatus. I think more than one of us has done the same :-)

  3. Wow, I absolutely LOVE this! Can I have it? In a couple sizes larger, of course... Beautiful, sister!!


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