Monday, November 22, 2010

Going Rogue

What a day. Why does traveling have to be so difficult? Between making sure everything is packed and loaded in the car to, oh, spilling a full water bottle on the kitchen floor just as I was trying to walk out the door, I somehow manage to make every trip a traumatic experience. My BF and I seem to always almost break up in the process, too. (Don't worry - after 5+ years, we've learned to work though it.) Interestingly enough, as a Sagittarius, I'm supposed to love travel; I do not. Too much stress! In an ironic twist, I do happen to like driving, some magical way, the nice long drive and a good playlist is often, and was, able to calm me down. The latte and almond croissant probably helped too...

This was, more or less, my traveling outfit. Normally, I would just wear yoga pants and a hoodie for a 5 hour drive, but I wanted to look slightly better since I was planning to hit an Anthropologie when I got into town. Well, I bypassed the Anthro trip thanks to crazy weather and impending rush hour traffic, but I do like how this casual number turned out.

Black jacket - Maurices / White scoop tissue tee - LOFT /
Flare leg jeans - Lane Bryant / Black and grey infinity scarf - eBay /
Black ankle boots - Sudini (via

I started plotting this outfit last week, wanting to do black and white layers with these (new) jeans (which I got during the $24.99 denim sale at Lane Bryant!) and accessorized with a striped scarf - a play on basics, I guess. I'm all about infinity/eternity/loop/circle scarves right now - I seem to want to buy every one I find (and they're surprisingly hard to find!). But, I didn't yet have a striped scarf in my closet, so I hunted this one down on eBay.

Blue Marine "Minilisa" - Tano
I would also like to mention that it was 70 degrees as I ran up and down the stairs with luggage and bags in layers and a scarf today. Not ideal. (Or at all normal for mid-November.) To be fair, I was dressing for WI weather, where it was 20 degrees cooler and these layers were perfectly appropriate. C'est la vie. Or really, such is weather in the Midwest...

I'll just leave you with this. On my way out of town, I stopped at our local co-op to pick up some fresh organic produce for the family Thanksgiving feast. (We're big advocates of organic and local.) One of the items on the menu was Brussels sprouts; they looked fantastic and I was in a hurry, so I quickly bagged a pound of them. Well, it seems one went rogue in the process:

I found the little guy in my scarf when I finally arrived at my mom's house, 5 hours later.....

I love God's sense of humor... =)

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  1. I loveee this! The jacket looks so great on you, the layers, the jeans...A+! Happy Thanksgiving :)


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