Saturday, November 20, 2010

New Do!

I love the smell of freshly processed hair. Is that weird? Well, I do. Heaven. My cut and highlight was needed, as was the nap I think I had in the shampoo chair. The cut is more or less my "usual" - an angled asymmetrical bob with super short layers in the back. I keep thinking I'd love to have long hair again, but as is the case with most of us who've gone short, the growing out period is much too tedious to stick with. 

My color changes with the seasons. I tend to go darker in the cooler months and lighter in the warmer months. The highlights here are wonderfully subtle; my stylist went with a few reds and darker low lights. There are even a few very dark patches underneath the top layers, which isn't immediately noticeable, but gives a nice effect when it peeks through. This color is actually pretty damn close to my natural color, too, something I've wanted for some time now. 

I've been going to my stylist, Jake, for years now. He's fantastic, so I pretty much let him do whatever he wants to my hair, and in return we talk about the wildest stuff. He also cuts my BF's hair, so we end about talking about him too. Today, we talked about my blog...cuz he reads it. I find that hilarious. And terribly flattering!

I'm continually surprised when my friends talk to me about this little side project of mine. Of course, when I'm posting links to new posts daily on Facebook, that's bound to happen! I do greatly appreciate all of you, my readers - old friends, new friends, future friends, whether you comment or not. Thanks for reading. =))

I will say just one thing about the outfit. My jeans are - dare I say it - jeggings. Yes, folks, it can be done! A curvy girl can not only rock skinny jeans, but jeggings too! I'm actually really pleased with these LB jeggings, even though the elastic waist band makes me think of my grandmother's jean collection... Aside from that minor detail, they are wonderfully flattering, without making my legs look like sausages. Thanks to the lycra, too, all the loose bits and bobbles are sucked in, and even my butt looked pretty damn amazing. The color is a nice true dark denim, and the contrast stitching makes them look just like jeans. The length is good too - I'm 5'8" (ish) and these (in average) hit me just at my ankle, so they didn't bunch up at all in my boots. In terms of sizing, I'm generally a size 14 in LB jeans, sometimes bigger depending on the style. I had no problems with that size in these, and there's still plenty of give for those icky days. Now I just need to figure out what else to wear with them...

Slanted plaid blouse - Odille (Anthropologie) - Cream cami - LOFT /  Jeggings - Lane Bryant / Boots - Ciao Bella (via DSW) / Grape "Boogie Bucket" - Tano

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  1. Love the hair and outfit. I think those LB jeggings may be the best jeggings out there.


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