Friday, November 5, 2010

To a 'T'

I can't tell you how excited I am to be wearing this outfit today...

I've been building this ensemble for months, and I even created a Polyvore set to keep me inspired:

I knew how irresponsible it would be to purchase everything at once, especially at full price, so this outfit has been a work in progress. I've waited patiently for each item to go on sale, or at least until I had a decent coupon with which to purchase. The pencil skirt is, of course, a standard in my closet, so I didn't have to do much waiting there. The jewelry was purchased next, thanks to a 40% off coupon from Banana Republic. Sadly, the Anthropologie sweater was practically sold out as soon as it did go sale, but here's the thing I've learned about sale items at Anthro: once they go on sale, you can almost ALWAYS find them for a better bargain on eBay. And I did! The shoes I had purchased, but then returned - I didn't love how the t-strap looked on my wide feet. I did get them on sale, but the price didn't warrant me keeping them if I didn't totally love them - which was a shame because I thought they were smokin'. Fast forward a month, they were even more on sale, and at a price at which I could handle my insecurities about how they looked on my feet. The top was the last thing I purchased, and it is the only thing I paid full price for. I only did so because I had returned a number of other items during my last Anthropologie visit, and it was enough to make up the purchase. Hurrah!

Once I finally had all the items, I had to try them all on, of course! We all know how something we think will look good together doesn't always work. Well, the grey pencil skirt was actually too close to the grey in the top (not nearly as light as pictured), so I changed that up for a brown skirt instead. Before I received the sweater, I was rather worried that it would be too light of a yellow to work for these fall colors, but when it finally came, I was pleasantly surprised at what a perfect saffron color it was! A true all-seasons yellow. The ruffle-y top was perfect, though it is actually a bit too long, so I've folded the end under a bit - I plan to take it to tailor to have this permanently altered. The shoes were, of course, the perfect thing to highlight that glorious retro vibe, but the jewelry did not work at all. The necklace, which is really more of a choker, was just too ornate and didn't jive with the overall feel of the outfit - it's going back. The studs are a nice basic, but the only reason I thought they'd work well with the outfit was because I had such a statement necklace. Otherwise, meh. So, the jewelry got a complete overhaul...

I love everything about this ensemble. The pencil skirt, the embellished cardigan, the ruffle-y top, the fabulous color, and of course the retro vibe that does wonders for my shape. My gorgeous Furla (which sadly has to go back next week) was the perfect finishing touch as well - in addition to the phenomenal fall foliage I have just outside my apartment. True, it was 30 degrees outside and I was freezing here, but I couldn't wear a jacket and cover everything up! =)

Whirl and Wind Cardigan - Anthropologie (via eBay) / Found Foliates Tank - Anthropologie /
Brown pencil Skirt - NY&Co / Blue T-strap sandals - Nine West (via Amazon) / Necklace - LOFT /
 Earrings - LOFT / Handbag - Furla (via Avelle)

Here's to getting to wear that perfect ensemble that is so right in every way. =) Happy weekend, everyone!


  1. I love it!!! The sweater is fantastic. I know exactly what you mean about planning an outfit and seeing how it works out. I have done that so many times. I'm glad it all worked! It looks awesome!

  2. Well worth the wait for each and every piece. You look great!

  3. Gorgeous! Now you have me itching for a yellow cardi...and the shoes are perfect!

  4. Absolutely stunning and well done on being so patient ... it has totally paid off.

  5. So beautiful! I wish I had a gift for putting together colors like you do! This is just so gorgeous! And no need to feel insecure about the t-strap shoes, they look spectacular!

  6. Oh my sister, you look gorgeous! Love it all, and I do agree that the shoes look fabu on you! You look fantastic :)


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