Thursday, November 18, 2010

Blazer of Glory

I love a good jacket. I have far too many in my closet to count. And I tend to buy multiple colors of the same style if I like it enough. (Hell, I do that with any piece of clothing.) So, yes, you've seen a similar jacket/outfit before

Corduroy blazer in "Deep Clay" - LOFT / Aubergine and cream  scoop neck tees - LOFT / Dark skinnies - Gap / Boots! - Ciao Bella (via DSW)

What I really wanted was a similarly cool scarf to fill out the neckline, but I didn't have one in the right color palette. I definitely needed additional accessories, though. I tried a few different belts, but I thought that was just too much, like I was trying too hard. So I settled on this fun multi-layered necklace in neutral colored stones. I love a statement necklace. I even wish this one was bigger. Like scarf-sized...

I do like the monochromatic effect of similarly colored layers here, offset with a few cream colors. A nice minimalistic pattern would also work well, like stripes or such. Incidentally, I did try that combination, but the top I have is a boat neck and I needed a more open neckline. So I layered two scoop neck tees instead.

Bordeaux "Homemade Cake" - Tano
Necklace - LOFT / Earrings - Maurices

I thought I'd indulge myself (and you) and include this picture - my make-up and skin is surprisingly, er, perfect! I knew there was something positive about flash photography...

Hey, guess what? Tomorrow's Friday!! On the docket:  schedule schedule schedule...a meeting...more schedule...and then freedom! Starting with getting my hair cut and highlighted... Hmm, maybe a mani/pedi is also in store...

A Happy Friday to all and to all a Happy Friday!

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